This is why I remain a Richard Sherman fan

I have been a Richard Sherman fan since his days at Stanford. During the Bay Area pro day, I said that he would be a steal in the draft.

Since then, he has been nothing but phenomenal in the league. His antics, his loudmouth, I don’t care. It’s really just him being him and the league just can’t handle it. He backs it up and I like it.

This just happened today. He trolls the league hard. He trolls the media hard. He and Doug Baldwin send a message of hypocrisy. I love it. I want more of it. Sherman is good for business.

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Why did Pablo Sandoval go to the Red Sox?

Pablo Sandoval had made it known he wanted to stay with the Giants. The team reportedly offered him a five-year deal worth around $95 million. The Red Sox reportedly offered him the same length for $100 million. Is the extra $5 million the deciding factor? I don’t think so.

Both teams are great situations. With the Giants, he gets to stay with a team he knows in a city he knows. He is already a hero and there is a comfort there. But Boston offers more exposure, more power in the bats and a potentially exciting new career direction.

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10 thoughts on Sunday’s Week 12 games

Here are 10 thoughts after watching the Week 12 games from Sunday.

1- I will start off with the Sunday night game. That catch was amazing. I was a fan of Beckham in college and I knew he had great potential. Many knew about his ability to do these kinds of things but to actually pull it off in the game was amazing. However, the product of the Giants overall overshadows this amazing catch. The defense is soft and the play of Eli Manning is hurting the team. Did you see that Cowboys final drive? That offensive line was giving Tony Romo pocket protection like no other. If that offensive line could do that more often throughout the game, these Cowboys could be real dangerous down the line. Giving Romo and running back DeMarco Murray that kind of blocking is great.

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This entry is titled: ‘Odell Beckham, Jr. — how are lives were changed with one catch’

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The Stephon Marbury musical looks amazing and I want to see it

I grew watching Stephon Marbury on TV. I’ve seen him play live. When he went through some tough times and disappeared to China, I thought that that would be it for him and I’d never hear from him again.

But in five years, he’s found happiness in China. He loves it there. The people love him. And he is doing what he loves. It’s not the glamorous route we expect to see from big time NBA stars. He shined so bright but burned away so quickly. Yet I think this is where he is shining the brightest. He is enjoying himself and really immersed himself in the Chinese culture.

He doesn’t plan on leaving China and it’s totally cool to see him enjoying himself. This musical look phenomenal too. It is a little corny, but whatever. I was entertained.

It may not make sense to us and it’s still odd to see him like this. But you know what? It’s cool with me. Good for you Steph. You do you and you enjoy yourself doing it.

Which is harder: Bowling a perfect game or getting a perfect 20?

I have friends who bowl frequently. They actually have their own ball, their own shoes and everything else. The other week I asked one of my friends which was harder in bowling: the perfect game or the perfect 20?

We all know the perfect game is essentially bowling 12 consecutive strikes. The perfect 20 is a concept I think about often but never see. The perfect 20 is a game in which the goal is to score 20 points. But in order to do that, you must knock down the 7-pin on the first roll of a frame, then follow it up by knocking down the 10-pin. That’s it. All 10 frames, you must do just that.

My buddy says the perfect 20 is harder. It makes sense. You have to bowl the ball 20 times compared to the 12 in the perfect game. Accuracy is much harder for it. But I still am not convinced. What do you think?

NBA Ugly Player Sweaters are very ugly

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the ugly sweaters. We have seen all the stories about them.

Yet somehow, the NBA ones are the worst. Since the Christmas uniforms are ugly every year, it just makes sense that these are equally ugly.

The fact that these are player names, team logos, lots of distracting designs make this the ultimate ugly sweater. Check them out here. What do you think about them?