WrestleMania XXX Logo Revealed


With the Super Bowl boring up their logos, Wrestlemania continues to deliver. Such a great touch of New Orleans in this one. Well done!

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World Wrestling Entertainment has unveiled the logo for WrestleMania XXX which will take place in New Orleans, Louisiana next year.  At the Mercedes Benz Superdome.




It features a distinct unique Fleur De Lis on the top with the Roman Numerals of 30.  With the standard WrestleMania font. Purple and Gold colors are the primary colors.

I really like this logo.  WWE has always come out with great logos for WrestleMania and will continue to do so in the future.  I really love how they incorporated the fleur de lis into the concept and the colors really make it pop.  However I think they could have added in another color to give it a Mardi Gras kind of feel.  I give it a 4 out of 5.  Outstanding logo like always.

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Reports: Lakers owner Jerry Buss dies at 80

Even though I am not a Lakers fan, this is sad to see that such an integral part of Showtime has passed away.