The Miami Heat are throwbacking way too much

Throwbacks now seemed forced. 

The Miami Heat have worn these 1990s throwbacks nearly every game since they were first worn a few weeks ago. I guess it’s a good luck charm since they are on this winning streak.

As much as I like them going throwback, it’s a little too much. Sometimes a throwback is appreciated when it’s seen not as frequently. But with the Heat, they are killing the uniqueness of the set. From the bad fonts, ugly dropshadow, imbalanced piping, it was all bad.

And surprisingly, the Bulls decided to match them with their throwback. This was one of my favorites growing up but after viewing it, I don’t think it’s as good as I thought it was. The pinstripes are nice, but I don’t know if it works in today’s basketball. It’s a good uniform for the 1990s, but I am glad it lasted only two seasons then.

I like throwbacks as much as the next person, but too much of a good thing can be harmful. This is that one case and the Heat are abusing it.

I See Your Kobe and LeBron and I Raise You MJ


Can’t mess with his airness.

Originally posted on InsideUnis:

Yesterday I linked to an image of the warmups for Kobe and LeBron. These warmups had the accolades for both players. Well, the photo above is what Michael Jordan’s warmup would have looked like if he had been an all-star this year. This was created by Cork Gaines and his story is here. MJ is still the greatest of all time. Inside Report: Not much on the uni front today, but we begin with new baseball jerseys for Toledo…I have linked to a shot of the new Houston football helmets, but here’s a better shot. Boy are they looking sweet…The memorial patch the Lakers will be wearing for Jerry Buss.

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