I had never watched so much soccer in my life in these past few weeks

Tim Howard was fun to watch today.

I don’t watch soccer. I never grew up caring for the sport. I cared for other sports. But soccer wasn’t one of them.

Most times when the World Cup comes along I might watch one match and that’s it. But this year, I decided to watch more. It was more out of curiosity than anything else. And it was good background noise from my TV as I did other things.

But as I watched more and more, there were elements that were presented that reminded me why I don’t watch soccer. The flopping, the lack of scoring, the ties were all frustrating. But there were also great moments of athleticism and upsets that caught my attention too.

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What’s up with Manny Machado?

What a very strange weekend between the Oakland Athletics and the Baltimore Orioles.

On Friday, Manny Machado from the Orioles lost his cool after being tagged out by Josh Donaldson. There was no logical reason for him to lose his temper.

Later on that game, Donaldson was then hit by a pitch. That may have been the Orioles’ form of retaliation even though it appeared Donaldson did nothing wrong in tagging out Machado.

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USA-Russia was a hockey fan’s dream and the gateway to a new audience

T.J. Oshie scores the winner and congratulates Jonathan Quick for his stellar performance.

I’ve always wondered what it would take to get a person that isn’t into hockey to really appreciate it. Sometimes all it takes is just a big name. Sometimes it takes an actual game in person to really appreciate it.

But if I was to point out one thing, it may have been the USA vs Russia game I just witnessed.

The game had great stops, great scores, top notch players and a thrilling shootout that was heart-racing. Plus whenever Doc Emrick calls a game, it’s always good.

Hockey is a simple game but it isn’t fun for everyone unless there’s some kind of interest. In a game like this, it had all of that. USA vs Russia was a great storyline. The world’s top players. And throughout the game, we were introduced to great shots, great goaltending, a controversial goal that was wiped away and non-stop action.

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Should Broncos change uniforms following ugly Super Bowl loss?

Broncos are 0-4 wearing orange jerseys in the Super Bowl.

Take this blog entry as a time for me to ponder something that has no real effect on the team but could possibly influence their psyche.

Following their ugly loss this past Sunday in the Super Bowl, the Broncos are now 0-4 while wearing orange jerseys in the Super Bowl. The combined points scored by those four teams is 38. And with the last team featuring the best offense in league history, it’s a real shock.

Of course, the jersey they wore in those four games didn’t really affect the outcome of the game. The players and coaches’ decisions did. The uniforms are just uniforms.

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Should we eliminate extra points from the NFL?

Commissioner Roger Goodell suggested that the NFL might eliminate the extra point in the future. Since the point after try is nearly automatic (only 5 misses this past season) he thinks that maybe the league can go forward without it.

Goodell suggested that an idea was to make all touchdowns seven points. However, the team has an option to go for a conversion following the touchdown. If successful, they would add an extra point to their scoring drive, giving them 8. However, if the conversion fails, they would be dropped to six.

I don’t think it’s a bad idea. However, because the extra point isn’t automatic, eliminating it takes away the potential surprise from the game. What if the extra point is missed? We’ll never know with the new system in place.

However, I will say that the suggested scoring system is good. It still rewards seven points for a scoring drive and a converted attempt is worth eight and a failed on is worth six, which is just like what we have in the NFL today. If we do eliminate the extra point, then I can live with this scoring system.

I’ll just have to say farewell to the fake extra point attempt that I have yet to see in the NFL. I know Chip Kelly would have done it.

Frank Thomas thinks Sammy Sosa’s 60 home runs was ‘shady’

If you take a look at Sammy Sosa’s career numbers, Frank Thomas has a point. But Sosa was improving before the great home run chase of 1998. In 1997, he hit 36 homers. The following year, he added 30 more to that total.

And this goes back to that steroid era and whether or not certain players took illegal substances or not. Thomas has been one of the most feared hitters of all time and he doesn’t believe Sosa could have hit that many homers — doubling up Thomas.

And it’s a shame too because the reason why I fell in love with baseball was that era. I am a product of the steroid era. Without out, I don’t know if baseball would be my favorite sport of all time. Those homers saved baseball. As ugly as that era was, we needed it.

The Indians’ decision to demote Chief Wahoo is a mistake

The Indians aren’t changing their uniforms. It’s just that you’ll see the block C a lot more than Chief Wahoo from now on.

If you haven’t heard the news, the Cleveland Indians have demoted Chief Wahoo. No, that doesn’t mean they are phasing him out (although it appears that way) but rather Chief Wahoo will no longer be the team’s primary logo. Instead, the block C will be the team’s primary. Chief Wahoo will still be seen on the team caps and uniforms, but the block C is the logo you will see prominently.

Now, I understand that the team name itself isn’t very great now in our politically correct world and I agree with it. And the logo is offensive to some. The decision to phase out the logo is a little disappointing since it’s a great logo in terms of design. And it’s somewhat iconic with the franchise and pop culture. However, adding the boring block C as a primary logo doesn’t excite me.

But here’s the real problem. The rest of the country wants Wahoo gone. However, the fans of the Indians in Cleveland love the Indians. I attended an Indians game in Cleveland a couple years and I could not believe how many of the fans enjoyed wearing Wahoo. In fact, one fan even told me that she is all about Wahoo as part of the team identity.

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