New Era and MLB find new ways to market merchandise you don’t need

This was something that I feared but kind of expected when I saw that the postseason patches would be applied onto the batting practice cap. Now with images surfacing of teams going through practice, it shows that New Era and MLB are finding new ways to market their products.

I don’t even know why a postseason patch would be applied to an article of the uniform that won’t be used during the game. But I suppose if anyone sees these before the game, that will embed in their minds to get one. After all, applying a patch to anything makes it a new product, right?

Last year, MLB added the postseason patch to caps for the first time ever. This year, they’re adding postseason patches to the jerseys. What’s next? Postseason patches to the batting helmets? Wait, maybe they’re already doing that. Either way, their new marketing ploy is here and I bet someone will buy it. It’s not really new, but it’s different enough where you might think about getting it.

Bud Selig to retire as MLB’s commissioner in 2015

When I found out the news, I did a little dance. This is what I have been waiting for.

This isn’t to say that I don’t like Bud Selig. I think he was a decent commissioner, but wasn’t anything worth praising. He gave us Interleague Play, which I think was nice and his expansion of the playoffs is starting to grow on me. However, as an Oakland A’s fan, his departure is welcomed.

After his “blue ribbon” committee to solve the Athletics’ stadium situation continues to go nowhere, and his recent comments on calling the Coliseum a “pit,” seeing him leave is perfect. His indecision about the A’s has hurt the potential revenue and well-being of the team. The fear of rejection it seems is the reason why he has procrastinated on it.

But with his departure in 2015, that could mean one of two things for the A’s: Either Selig finally makes a decision before his tenure is up or whomever comes in as the new commissioner will have to deal with it. And if it’s the latter, I hope that new commissioner gives the A’s some help.

Until then, we’ll just wait and see if he gives the A’s an clarity on the direction of their future.

Bud Selig is retiring in 2015.

Can decision to move Cal-Stanford Big Game to Santa Clara work?

There are some mixed reactions to this potential deal to move the Big Game to new Levi’s Stadium in 2014.

In a business sense, it’s a great idea. Stanford is closer to Santa Clara so the travel for them is easier. Even though Cal renovated their stadium, Levi’s Stadium will have a bigger seating capacity and has a lot better amenities for the fans.

There’s a lot of potential revenue to be made here and to have it at a marquee venue would definitely boost its exposure.

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How are we supposed to feel about Ichiro’s 4,000th hit? Twitter will tell us!

Ichiro bows to the fans after collecting his 4,000th professional hit.

Ichiro Suzuki collected his 4,000th professional hit earlier tonight. Combining his time in Japan and with Major League Baseball, 4,000 is a great accomplishment. But of course, there has to be an acknowledgment that it’s not on the level as Ty Cobb or Pete Rose. Any smart person knows that Ichiro’s accomplishments are not on their level.

But in this case, some people on Twitter have gotten out of their way to be so angry at Ichiro for still accomplishing a very difficult milestone regardless if some of the hits came from Japan. After all, getting a hit is hard enough. Getting it 4,000 times is pretty special. It’s like his time in Japan getting hits doesn’t mean anything. Nobody is saying that all his hits are from his time in America. But it’s lost somewhere with these people.

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One of my biggest sports pet peeves happened last night at the A’s game

I don’t get it. Why do people do that. I’ve been to numerous sporting events where fans wear gear of teams that aren’t playing in that game. At A’s games, I see numerous fans wearing Giants gear. The Giants aren’t playing the A’s, so what’s the point? Is it to prove something to the people at the stadium? It’s a the “look at me” kind of attitude that confuses me.

Same thing happens in football too. I’ve seen Tony Romo jerseys at 49ers practices during training camp and I’ve seen irrelevant jerseys at games too. Why do people do that?

I can get that they are wearing it t show they are a fan of a certain team. But it’s not the place for that. For a game between the A’s and Indians, showing up in a Mariners jersey makes no sense.

But fans do it all the time. It’s that attention-seeking mentality that really just confuses me. Can someone explain to me why people do this?

Now we know who threw that banana at Adam Jones and it’s even more confusing

Yesterday, this happened.

And now we know who did it. His name is Alexander Poulides.

And as you can read from the story, it’s very, very confusing.

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Jackie Robinson statue defaced with racial slurs and swastikas

With the Riley Cooper mess recently, it brought to light that racism is still very strong in America. It’s unfortunate that it’s still around despite how much the country has progressed in the past century.

However, something like this is really disgusting. In a country that has now made a strong effort to promote equality (with still a lot of mishaps along the way), seeing people do this is just bad.

Robinson was a hero to many and a pioneer for a road to a better America. But by having this happen to it shows us that we as a country has not moved that much towards the right direction. When stupidity and racism like this continue to show, it’s just really a sad reminder that we’re still living in a messed up world.

Riley Cooper’s racist remark is another showing of frustration revealing an athlete’s true identity

Riley Cooper got racist at a concert.

Earlier this summer, Riley Cooper was at a Kenny Chesney concert. What appears to be an act of frustration for not getting backstage passes, the above incident happened and was recorded. (And it doesn’t help the stereotype of rednecks who love country music.)

The video surfaced around today about a month since the incident and the backlash has been intense. Cooper in his anger to what was reportedly a security guard is unacceptable and saying “I will fight every n***** here” is just not right.

Since then, he’s apologized on Twitter and spoken to the media. on it. The team has also fined him.

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Ryan Swope adds onto possible trend of concussion-like symptoms leading to retirement

Ryan Swope was forced to retire early following setbacks in his recovery from a concussion suffered during OTAs.

Cardinals sixth-round pick Ryan Swope’s NFL career may be over before it ever began. The wide receiver suffered four concussions during his college years at Texas A&M and the Cardinals were well aware of the risk in drafting him.

On Thursday, they had to relay the bad news to Swope, informing him that his post-concussion symptoms were a risk to his health. Swope decided to retire from football and re-evaluate his situation a year later.

This isn’t the first time that concussions have ended a player’s career prematurely. Earlier this offseason, Running back Jahvid Best has not formally retired, but his past concussion history has prevented him from playing since a concussion in 2011.

Then Vikings cornerback Asher Allen also decided to hang up his cleats early due to his concussion history.

It’s a trend now that is starting to become the norm in the NFL.

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Ryan Braun’s suspension is MLB’s way of finally putting a stamp on this whole steroid era

Ryan Braun has been suspended for the rest of the season.

Ryan Bruan’s 65-game suspension, which ends his season this year, is a move by Major League Baseball that needed to happen. After Braun got away on a technicality over his last suspension, this was something the league did to make an example of Braun and all other players that want to try to cheat the game.

I think that Braun knew he was wrong the first time, but was lucky to escape. Now with this, Braun had to know that he couldn’t fight it anymore and just take the offer the league gave him. At least to me, it shows that MLB will not relent until they get what they know needed to be done.

Since there had been talks about Alex Rodriguez also, I expect some kind of punishment for him real soon. Especially for a repeat offender (although he never got caught while in Texas), MLB knows that they have to make an example of him. I don’t know if they will be light on the suspension.

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