The Angels’ encouragement of the #LightWave on the Athletics is pretty pathetic

Last night, the Angels encouraged their fans to do a #LightWave during the game.

What is that? Apparently it’s asking fans to use their lights on their phones to distract the opposing batter. It happened last night when Stephen Vogt was at the plate with the bases loaded. And fans followed through on that. It started last month and it’s just silly.

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The Braves and their poor usage of the hashtag #ThePenIsMightier

What a very unfortunate hashtag.

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The Braves-Athletics 1914 throwbacks this upcoming weekend looks promising

I love throwback games. And when they are done right, they are a great sight to behold. In fact, this could be a very visually-pleasing affair. I’m all for it!

Tampa Bay Rays are ashamed of their Devil Rays past

The Tampa Bay Rays used to be known as the Devil Rays. They dropped the “Devil” part of their name in 2008. That’s fine. It’s been a while since anyone has referred to them as that.

But today they are playing a throwback-themed game against the Cubs. They are wearing their fauxbacks since they have no history before the the late 1990s. And the Cubs went to celebrate the throwback occasion by bringing out an old Tampa Bay flag. The Rays didn’t like it.

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I like the new changes the Indians are giving to Progressive Field aka Jacobs Field

I have been to this ballpark. I think it’s the second best park I have ever visited right behind Safeco Field in Seattle. The midwest, blue collar feel has always amazed me. It’s not a stadium with too much going on, but the ambiance of it always captured me. And it’s right in the heart of downtown Cleveland.

The team announced these changes in which they are opening up the entrance in Gate C to give the fans a better view. The right field deck will be renovated into luxury suites. The bullpen will also be elevated to give the fans a look as well.

Overall, this is a great exterior change. Inside, it will be a very nice look as well. I am kind of excited for this. Even though the stadium is still one of the best, classic stadiums these days have to go through changes to go with the tie. The Indians aren’t selling out games like they did before, but the team is still beloved by the city. This is a good change. I hope one day the Indians can add a World Series title along with these changes in the near future.

When autofill messes up the tweet

When you have autofill set, sometimes the computer will fill in words they assume you are using. Take this for example. Somehow, #Athletics became #atheism.

Looks like CBS has been using the word “atheism” a lot lately. What an unholy situation to be in.

What should the A’s do with the 10K “La Potencia” Yoenis Cespedes shirts?

The Oakland Athletics were scheduled to give away 10,000 Yoenis Cespedes shirts this weekend. But today’s trade of Cespedes now has the team wondering what they should do with the shirts.

It’s a tough situation for a marketing standpoint because there are fans who bought tickets so they can get the shirt. But the shirt is now irrelevant. Should they go the route of the giving it away as scheduled like the Indians did several years ago?

Or do the Athletics just scratch the promotion and try to find some kind of resolution? It’s unlikely they can come up with 10,000 replacement shirts in time, so they must find something else to do.

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