Majestic has logo on wrong sleeve on Coco Crisp’s jersey

The Majestic logo is supposed to be on the left sleeve, but it found its way on Coco Crisp’s right sleeve last night.

Majestic has a new logo but most (if not all) of the jerseys worn this regular season feature the old logo. It must mean that they are using up their old inventory of blank jerseys to make the new sets this year before implementing the new logo.

But how odd to see the logo on the wrong sleeve. I wonder how that happened.

The new Athletics road cap looks even worse in action

Scott Kazmir wears the new A’s road cap.

The Oakland Athletics played their first road game of the season on Monday and with that, they wore their new road caps. Unlike the road cap of years past, this one featured white lettering with a gold trim.

The cap alone isn’t bad. It incorporates the three colors of the Athletics.

However when paired with the road gray uniforms, it looks way out of place.

As you can see, the white on the cap doesn’t match any part of the uniform. Since the gray jerseys don’t feature white on any of their letterings or numbers, the cap sticks out like a sore thumb. It just doesn’t work. The design of the cap is best suited for their green alternate.

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Oakland Athletics mascot Stomper now has a rotating wardrobe

For as long as I can remember, the Oakland Athletics mascot Stomper only had one uniform. Aside from special events, the elephant would only wear the green jersey and white pants.

But this season, Stomper has been seen wearing different jerseys. He’s been seen in the new green jersey. On Monday when the A’s wore their gold tops, so did Stomper.

For Wednesday’s two games, Stomper wore the white jersey (as seen above) which matched what the team wore.

This is a new addition to Stomper’s wardrobe. It’s interesting since most mascots don’t have a rotating wardrobe to match the team. I like it.

Was it wrong for Athletics fans to boo Jim Johnson after another poor outing?

On opening day, Johnson came into a scoreless game and gave up two runs in the 9th inning and the A’s would lose that game. He was booed after recording the third out of the inning.

Last night, Johnson came into the 9th inning with a 4-3 lead but ended up blowing the save, allowing three runs to score. When he was removed from the game, the Athletics fans booed him mercilessly.

In his first two appearances with his new club, Johnson has lost both games and his ERA is at 45.00.

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Athletics Opening Day was another tough way to start the season

A great sign to see.

A great sign to see.

So the A’s have lost 10 straight Opening Day games.

This came in part due to key players with hitless nights. This comes also with a player that somehow continues to find his way onto the roster with a base-running blunder. This comes with the new closer losing the game.

Another tough loss. It was a great atmosphere. The rain stopped at just the right time and it never rained throughout the game. The crowd was into it and the matchup was fun. The first eight innings felt like a playoff game. But of course, the A’s didn’t win and I go home sad for the fifth straight opening day.

What a terrible feeling, but I still remain optimistic in this team. It just sucks that they can’t get these big wins in front of the home crowd. What a bummer.

The introduction and ceremony was a great sight.

The introduction and ceremony was a great sight.


Opening Day is here for me and I am so excited!

Opening Day 2013.

As you are reading this, I am driving from LA to Oakland. It’s probably raining so I have to be careful. But the drive is worth it. I haven’t missed Opening Day in five years.

It’s an exciting day for me. This is when baseball season for me starts, a chance to see the potential beginning of another magical season.

The expectations are high for this team and I want to remain optimistic. And that’s what Opening Day is. Every fan can have that optimism, that there could be something amazing in the future. It may not mean a World Series win or even a third place finish, but Opening Day is a day of hope.

Hope is what makes baseball’s opening day beautiful. I’m excited for this! Go A’s!

A’s pitcher Jarrod Parker needs Tommy John surgery again

Jarrod Parker was expected to be the Opening Day starter. Now the A’s won’t have him for the rest of the season as he undergoes his second Tommy John surgery. AJ Griffin is battling some forearm issues and Scott Kazmir isn’t all healthy too.

Sonny Gray likely gets the Opening Day assignment now with Kazmir, Tommy Milone, Dan Straily and Jesse Chavez behind him for now.

This is a huge blow to the team.

New A’s print ads heavily feature old green jersey

As some of you know, the A’s are replacing their green jerseys with some new ones. It appeared at that time that it was a step to possibly remove the old identity away and try to establish their new look — possibly for a move to San Jose?

Of course none of this was established as fact and was all speculation. But as you can see by the above tweet, print signs and billboards across the East Bay will feature images of the players wearing the old green jersey.

Wouldn’t it have made more sense to use images of them wearing jerseys that they still have in circulation? I remember the season the 49ers switched to their current uniform, all images they used were of the players wearing throwbacks. Those throwbacks were very similar to the current uniforms, so the transition there was easy.

But to show off the team wearing their old jersey is an old choice given that the team has three other jerseys that are still in their rotation. It’s just an observation. After all, last season the A’s did wear their green jerseys for 81 games, so the pool to choose from was limited.

Oakland A’s fans upset that they were screwed out of an Internet popularity contest

I am so glad this is over. This clogged up my timeline like no other this past week. (And I am an A’s fan and I am an Eric Sogard fan.)

MLB, with MLB Network, held a contest where fans on Twitter can send tweets with the hashtag #FaceofMLB and the selected player’s name to be counted as vote for the Face of MLB contest. The final was between #DavidWright and #EricSogard.

But what exactly is the Face of MLB contest and what is the prize? It’s a contest to see who is the Face of MLB. What does that mean? Nothing. It’s a fictional prize that has no merit and it really is a filler space for the offseason to distract baseball fans and get them interacting and uniting for a value-less prize. It’s more of a contest to see which fanbase is more active on Twitter.

Essentially, it’s a pointless Internet popularity contest. A popularity contest. The silly stuff people have in high school.

People are upset over the results of an Internet popularity contest.

It’s smart marketing in terms of interaction with fans, but it is just filler. The contest means nothing. No charity money gets raised, no real tangible prizes are given away. It’s basically just empty sugar.

So when Eric Sogard, an unlikely favorite, lost to David Wright this morning following a late surge, A’s fans called out MLB for tainting the voting process for an award that holds no meaning.

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Athletics officially unveil new green alternate jerseys

It’s official now. The new green jerseys are here and I would expect them to be seen at the team’s fanfest this weekend.

This matches exactly what I predicted last month.

I am OK with this. It’s not great and it’s not bad. It’s basically a green version of their gold jerseys. I actually don’t mind it really, but I hope they don’t wear it all the time. It’s just a good marketing, merchandising opportunity.

My biggest concern is actually the inclusion of this new cap.