Giants ask fans to publicly tweet their phone numbers again and the fans did as told

Remember when the Giants asked their fans to tweet their phone numbers publicly? Well, they did it again and fans followed their leader.

And so people decided to tweet their phone numbers publicly. Maybe I should give them a call just to screw with them.

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Giants introduce new “old school” Orange Friday jersey

New orange jersey.

The San Francisco Giants for the past several seasons have selected Friday home games to be the day where the team wears their orange alternate jerseys. They just unveiled a new orange jersey for their upcoming season.

This new orange jersey really is actually a modernized version of their 1978-82 jerseys. In fact, they’ve worn it as a throwback before.

A few obvious differences can be seen. The script features the dropshadow of gold along with the white trim. And instead of a collar piping, it’s a simple and boring headspoon (like the road jerseys) that runs down the front. The sleeve piping is similar to the home whites. The patch I don’t think works. It’s a nice idea, but an unnecessary one.

It is unconfirmed if their previous orange jerseys will be in use still or they have been retired. If this is the end of that jersey, then it was a brief four-year run for that jersey. But hey, merchandise sales will go up, right?

49er Faithful recall good and bad memories of Candlestick Park

Farewell, old friend.

Barring any major upsets in the playoffs, Monday’s home finale will be the final NFL game ever at Candlestick Park.

For many 49ers fans, the stadium holds a lot of memories of Hall of Fame players, unforgettable games and games that will live forever. But of course, the stadium isn’t all peachy. Traffic and weather had always been the biggest issues with fans at the game and it still remains today.

On Twitter, I asked for 49ers fans to share their memories (good or bad) about the stadium. Here’s their story:


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Idea of A’s and Giants sharing AT&T Park has to be a move that forces the issue

It sounds crazy and it is very unlikely. Would either team be willing to make it happen? I doubt it. But the fact that this is thrown out there has to force somebody to make a move to relieve the A’s of being prisoners to the territorial rights. They need a new stadium and if they can’t be at the Coliseum, going to AT&T Park just doesn’t make much sense.

Now that this is out there, will something be done? I doubt anytime soon and they probably will lease the Coliseum for another year. But the more we think about it, the more pathetic this situation appears and it’s very clear that a resolution could happen sooner than later.

Chris Kluwe shouldn’t make jokes about the Dodgers-Giants fan stabbing situation

There’s a bigger, serious issue at hand when fans are out of control and hurt one another. When a Dodgers fan was stabbed during the week by a Giants fan, it really put a black eye on fan behavior.

This comes after the Brian Stow incident two years ago where he was beat up in the parking lot at Dodger stadium.

And Kluwe should know better. He’s had to have seen fan fights in stadiums for years as an NFL punter. He shouldn’t be making jokes out of it.

But here we are. As much as I like his personality and his sense of humor, this was one joke I wish he didn’t make.

Now we know who threw that banana at Adam Jones and it’s even more confusing

Yesterday, this happened.

And now we know who did it. His name is Alexander Poulides.

And as you can read from the story, it’s very, very confusing.

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Brian Wilson joins Dodgers, inciting fans to call him a stockbroker #trader

Going to have to get used to seeing this a lot more.

Brian Wilson has reportedly signed a minor league deal with the Dodgers and could get called up soon.

This has gotten Giants fans to react to the fact that their former closer and hero has joined the rival. Keep in mind that Wilson was coming off surgery and the Giants did not want to bring him back. Supposedly the Giants considered it this week but as a businessman, Wilson knew joining a first place team made more sense.

And of course on Twitter, this brought out the foolishness of people who could not tell the difference between “traitor” and “trader” from their vocabulary.

Here are a collection of tweets from fans on Twitter with their lack of knowledge on the word.

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Nike dips into a new avenue of player brand marketing

If this is old news, then I guess I’m late to the party. 

Nike has always done the “____ Knows” campaign with their athletes. Over the years we’ve seen them market their athletes with these shirts for Bo Jackson, Yoenis Cespedes, Adrian Peterson and so on. But up until then, they’ve only been with shirts and sometimes shoes.

But for the first time to my knowledge, the company has produced a line of caps to go with the famous slogan. This is something that Nike appears to be reaching out with in their sights for a new avenue to market their players.

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Tim Lincecum and the no-no: No-hitters are still fun to watch

Tim Lincecum celebrates his no-hitter with Buster Posey.

Tim Lincecum celebrates his no-hitter with Buster Posey.

I didn’t watch the entire game. I was too busy watching the A’s beat the Red Sox. But I switched over just in time to see Tim Lincecum throw a no-hitter. No-hitters are always fun, no matter who throws them. It’s a sign of a great accomplishment and it lives forever in time. Despite four walks and a career-high 148 pitches, it still is an amazing feat.

The Padres are a bad team and it showed. But having that kind of control and ability to stop a team, that’s impressive. And the reaction from Lincecum is what made it so special to see. The relief on his face after the final out shows that he still knows he has it in him and maybe this was what he needed to get his confidence back.

Go celebrate. It’s still amazing to see in baseball. No matter who throws it, it’s a moment in time that will never be forgotten.

San Francisco Giants want you to post your phone number publicly for everyone to see

This is a terrible idea. You’re basically asking your fans to go on Twitter and publicly post their phone numbers. Worst of all, the fans are dumb enough to agree to it.

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