Toronto Raptors’ new logo looks way too similar to the Brooklyn Nets

The Raptors unveiled this video today which features their new logo. This means that the current logo with the dinosaur will be no more after this season.

What a shame. I liked the dinosaur. I don’t like Drake and his creative ideas for the Raptors. This new logo isn’t creative at all. In fact, it looks similar to another logo.

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Did the NBA go too far with color vs color last night?

Green vs teal is not an ideal uniform matchup.

Remember last year when the Hawks and Knicks met and this happened? Orange vs red. So little contrast. The NBA said that they would not allow something like this to happen again.

So last night the Celtics wore their green uniforms against the Hornets’ teal uniforms. Does this look like a similar situation? Granted it wasn’t as hard to decipher the two uniforms compared to what happened last year. But still, both uniforms are a little too close, don’t you think?

The NBA has adopted the color vs color approach in recent years after years of the home team wearing white for their games. It’s a nice change, but there still needs to be some precedent in avoiding visual messes like this.

According to the NBA rulebook, one team must be in a “light” uniform and the other team must wear a “dark” uniform. The Celtics’ road green uniforms are considered dark. And the teal Hornets’ uniform falls under both categories apparently. The color of it is light but has been worn as a dark uniform too. Therefore, we have this.

The Hornets’ had designated the teal uniforms as their alternate but it appears that they are wearing it a lot more than their purple or white uniforms. Are the Hornets just embracing what everyone wants and wear teal? Well, whatever the case may be, they gave us a visual mess last night.

Warriors are that good

That’s 11 straight wins. That’s the best record in the NBA right now. They could win it all!

My thoughts on the NBA All-Star Game uniforms by Adidas

Check out the link for all the details on the new NBA All-Star Game uniforms. It is a shocker as it is quite simple, sleeve-free and features some unique designs that you may not notice.

It seems to me that with the simplicity of the Nets’ design and the history of basketball in New York, a design without a lot of glitz and glamour and all that jazz made sense. After all, New York is very big on their fashion and the last thing you want to do is represent The Big Apple with a poorly designed look.

With that said, I want to break down the warmups and the actual uniforms themselves.

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The Stephon Marbury musical looks amazing and I want to see it

I grew watching Stephon Marbury on TV. I’ve seen him play live. When he went through some tough times and disappeared to China, I thought that that would be it for him and I’d never hear from him again.

But in five years, he’s found happiness in China. He loves it there. The people love him. And he is doing what he loves. It’s not the glamorous route we expect to see from big time NBA stars. He shined so bright but burned away so quickly. Yet I think this is where he is shining the brightest. He is enjoying himself and really immersed himself in the Chinese culture.

He doesn’t plan on leaving China and it’s totally cool to see him enjoying himself. This musical look phenomenal too. It is a little corny, but whatever. I was entertained.

It may not make sense to us and it’s still odd to see him like this. But you know what? It’s cool with me. Good for you Steph. You do you and you enjoy yourself doing it.

NBA Ugly Player Sweaters are very ugly

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the ugly sweaters. We have seen all the stories about them.

Yet somehow, the NBA ones are the worst. Since the Christmas uniforms are ugly every year, it just makes sense that these are equally ugly.

The fact that these are player names, team logos, lots of distracting designs make this the ultimate ugly sweater. Check them out here. What do you think about them?

NBA Christmas jerseys are just not creative

Adidas is terrible. Here is another example of why.