The Stephon Marbury musical looks amazing and I want to see it

I grew watching Stephon Marbury on TV. I’ve seen him play live. When he went through some tough times and disappeared to China, I thought that that would be it for him and I’d never hear from him again.

But in five years, he’s found happiness in China. He loves it there. The people love him. And he is doing what he loves. It’s not the glamorous route we expect to see from big time NBA stars. He shined so bright but burned away so quickly. Yet I think this is where he is shining the brightest. He is enjoying himself and really immersed himself in the Chinese culture.

He doesn’t plan on leaving China and it’s totally cool to see him enjoying himself. This musical look phenomenal too. It is a little corny, but whatever. I was entertained.

It may not make sense to us and it’s still odd to see him like this. But you know what? It’s cool with me. Good for you Steph. You do you and you enjoy yourself doing it.

NBA Ugly Player Sweaters are very ugly

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the ugly sweaters. We have seen all the stories about them.

Yet somehow, the NBA ones are the worst. Since the Christmas uniforms are ugly every year, it just makes sense that these are equally ugly.

The fact that these are player names, team logos, lots of distracting designs make this the ultimate ugly sweater. Check them out here. What do you think about them?

NBA Christmas jerseys are just not creative

Adidas is terrible. Here is another example of why.

11/11: Why my favorite number is 11

B.J. Armstrong was one of my favorite players of all time.

I can never remember when Veterans Day is. It was finally when someone told me that it is on November 11 every year. I am grateful for all those who have served and now I have something easy to help me remember it.

But also, the number 11 happens to be my favorite number of all time. Some may guess that it might have to do with Yao Ming but I picked the number before Yao ever made it to the big time.

I was a young Warriors fan at the time and I really enjoyed watching the Bulls win. When B.J. Armstrong came to the Warriors, I thought the team was going to be great since they were going to get some of the good vibes Armstrong got when he played with Michael Jordan. Since the number 10 was unavailable to Armstrong at the time when he joined the team, he went one number up.

Since then, I always liked the number 11. I’ve stuck with it and if I ever played professional sports, that would be my number.

The Charles Barkley Lakers hunger strike could kill him

This is a bold declaration. Of course Barkley said he would rethink it, but I wondered how serious it would be if he followed up with it. The Lakers play Sunday against the Hornets. I think they lose that game. I don’t think 0-82 is going to happen, but Barkley runs the risk of possibly not eating for a full week.

That could kill him. I would go insane if I couldn’t eat for that long.

Good luck, Chuck. If you do go with this, you are a foolish man. But a wise man at the same time.

Cavaliers to wear new uniforms because LeBron is back

The Cavaliers are wearing new blue uniforms for opening night. Details here.

It actually goes really well with the new court they just unveiled. And the actual uniform isn’t bad. It’s vibrant and it features blue, which the other three uniforms don’t have.

But we all know why they did this. Because LeBron James is back and they want to boost merchandise sales. When James was first with Cleveland, or even in his time with Miami, the team would have a new alternate or a throwback every year. It was all for the money. And this one is no different

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Warriors unveil completely unnecessary slate gray alternate uniform

New Warriors alternate uniforms.

I knew this was coming. I didn’t want it to happen. But here we are.

The NBA and Adidas, for the third straight season, have given the Warriors a new alternate uniform to wear. This one was expected as the team’s style guide revealed several of their logos recolored in slate gray. It was an indication that a new uniform would be on its way.

The initial reaction is “why?” The Warriors have vibrant colors of royal and gold. It’s a great identity and to murk it up with gray doesn’t work for me. It’s drab and doesn’t match their current identity.

I don’t know if they are trying to look like the Nets but calling these the #WarriorsSlate in an attempt to make it like some secret spy uniform is pretty silly. Slate gray is just not working for me. Check out more photos of the new set.

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