Warriors unveil new Chinese New Year jerseys

I expected this to happen but I was unsure how the Warriors would go about it. The Rockets already have a Chinese New Year jersey coming out as well but this one by the Warriors is a little curious to me.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to have it be red or yellow instead of slate gray?

Here are some things that are worth noting. Warriors is written out in Chinese on the front. On the sleeve (yes, the stupid sleeves) is an image of a goat, which is the animal for the upcoming new year. Side panels look great and the trim is pretty nice. They will wear it on February 20, the day after the new year and three more times later in the season.

I’m all for this really and the Chinese population in the Bay Area is strong. And I am glad they didn’t add “el” or “los” or some kind of cultural cop out like the NBA has in the past. But I just don’t like the color. Great idea. Not so great execution.

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Court and ice projections should be mandatory for all NBA and NHL games

One of the biggest trends now in sports are the big projections they have on the court or ice for player introductions. This started not too long ago and it was a really cool idea at firs. There has been a lot of potential creative ideas that have come from this and as the months have come along, I have found myself in awe of the great visuals that have been produced on the floor.

Take a look at the Hawks video above. It’s not overbearing but the visual is phenomenal. It really transforms the floor into some kind of 3D adventure. Included are the sights and sounds of the city and the arena. The Hawks came up with a great way to incorporate the player introduction video from the scoreboard screen into a visually interactive projection on the floor.

What makes these so great for me is that there is no bad seat in the house to see this. It’s so big and so detailed that it’s a great way to pump up the fans before a game.

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What if your favorite arcade games were NBA logos?

Last night AK-47 Studios posted this on Instagram.

As you may know, AK-47 has posted some amazing work in the past.

This morning, he unveiled some of his work. I think these are great. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with in the next several days.

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Mitchell & Ness to release new NBA caps based on team uniforms

more Jersey Short Collection by @mitchellness @lids4hats #lids #lidsexclusive #mitchellandness #nba #snapbacks

A photo posted by Fitted & Snapback Buyer 4 Lids (@lidz_markie) on

This is pretty exciting for me. Lids and Mitchell & Ness have partnered up to sell these NBA caps. The design, as you see, is solely based on the design of the shorts of the uniform. This is pretty cool as it incorporates a unique element for each team and it’s not some cookie-cutter design.

Some of these take us back to when a certain design on the shorts was so unique. Look at the Raptors or Rockets design in the above image. It’s very distinct and I like it. It reminds me of what Reebok did some years back for the NFL.

So what’s my only problem? They’re snapbacks. I don’t like snapbacks. I wanted fitted caps. Well, let’s see if I can convince myself to get past that and possibly pick up one of these caps.

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Samuel Lam’s 2014 Best and Worst Dressed in sports: NBA edition

These new red uniforms were completely unnecessary but the Pelicans’ home court was delicious!

Today is the final day of 2014 and after much deliberation, I’ve decided to do my annual uniform in review post. I was close to not doing this again this year because I didn’t think I had the time for it. But I have made time and there are some noteworthy uniform notes from this past year.

This is a list of strictly my opinion, so feel free to agree or disagree or just take it for what it is.

To qualify for this list, the uniform element must be a new set that debuted and was used for in-game action in 2014. That’s pretty much it. Let’s go take a look at the list for National Basketball Association.


** I hope I didn’t miss anything.

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Digesting yesterday’s Christmas NBA uniforms

After almost 24 hours to digest it, I have decided that I dislike the Christmas day NBA uniforms even more. I didn’t like them when they first announced them a while back but I was hopeful that maybe they won’t look too bad in action. I was wrong.

Nameplates under the number isn’t too crazy. It’s been done before. But when you have a generic nameplate that is the same length for all names, even if names are short, it doesn’t really work. The first name gimmick didn’t even bother me much, but some nameplates just looked out of place. It was plain. It wasn’t great.

Then to pair that with a small logo in the front of every jersey? Come on. The sports world has become a visual league and you don’t design a uniform that’s great for the HD TVs out there?

Maybe next year they can just not try to so hard and just give us something simple. But I can only hope.

Warriors Twitter account humbles the Clippers Twitter account

In recent years, team Twitter accounts are starting to have some personality. The LA Kings have done it the best and other teams are starting to follow suit.

With a recent tweet by the Clippers for fan engagement, the Warriors stuck their head in the conversation and ended up making the Clippers look like fools.

It all started with this:

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