My thoughts on the NBA All-Star Game uniforms by Adidas

Check out the link for all the details on the new NBA All-Star Game uniforms. It is a shocker as it is quite simple, sleeve-free and features some unique designs that you may not notice.

It seems to me that with the simplicity of the Nets’ design and the history of basketball in New York, a design without a lot of glitz and glamour and all that jazz made sense. After all, New York is very big on their fashion and the last thing you want to do is represent The Big Apple with a poorly designed look.

With that said, I want to break down the warmups and the actual uniforms themselves.

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New dunk contest rules might just work out

Harrison Barnes will represent the West.

There are new rules to the dunk contest this year in an attempt to spice it up with an East vs West approach. Here are the rules via USA Today:

For the first time, the dunk contest participants will be split into two teams: East (Terrence Ross, Paul George and John Wall) and West (Harrison Barnes, Damian Lillard and Ben McLemore). Rather than all of the dunkers competing against each other as individuals, they will be working in teams, with team and individual awards being given out at the end of the night.

The first round will be a so-called “freestyle” competition, where the dunkers on each team will have 90 seconds to pack in as many dunks as they can. It’s essentially a layup line, not too different from players’ pregame shootaround routines. The judges select a winning team, and that team chooses whether to go first or second in the next round.

The battle round is another clever twist. The three dunkers on each team will be paired off for a series of head-to-head battles, with the judges selecting a winner from each. When a dunker loses a battle, he’s eliminated from the competition, and the remaining contestants continue to go head-to-head until one of the teams wins three battles. That team will be the Slam Dunk Champions for the night.

So it’s a team game now instead of an individual game, even though there are individual elements. Will this work? I hope so. The dunk contest wasn’t bad because of the old rules. It was bad because there was lack of creativity and the time allotment was too long.

Kobe Bryant explains why he doesn’t deserve to be an All-Star


Fan voting is stupid. Kobe Bryant is not an all-star because he barely played this year. It’s logic. Fan voting, however, doesn’t allow logic to shine.

Originally posted on For The Win:

Kobe Bryant was voted a starter in this year’s All-Star game, and agreed with the legions of people complaining about it.

“There are guys that have been out there playing extremely hard all year long,” Bryant said in a brief interview clip that aired on TNT during the Lakers’ Thursday night game against the Miami Heat. “Players that are very deserving of being in the All-Star game that I think should be out there playing.”

Even if Bryant wanted to play, there’s no guarantee that he would be back by February 16 from the leg injury that has sidelined him since December. If he was healthy enough to play, there would be no reason for him to risk injury in a meaningless game.

Bryant is absolutely right on this one.

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NBA All-Star Game jerseys leaked and we have more sleeves courtesy of Adidas

EDIT: The NBA makes it official.


We knew sleeves were going to be included in the All-Star game jerseys this year. But I didn’t realize the entire set would look like crap. Seriously, does Adidas not know what is considered fashionable? Check out the link above as the jerseys have been leaked by a French basketball site.

I don’t want to go too much into detail as to what bothers me because it’s pretty easy to see what is wrong. We have sleeves. We have no number on the front, just the logo. The back is cluttered with two logos, a name and a number. Random one shoulder stripe? Three stripes down the side because Adidas wants to remind you that they are making this. And the three stripes on the three stripes. And also, that incomplete colored collar just looks so amateur.

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I See Your Kobe and LeBron and I Raise You MJ


Can’t mess with his airness.

Originally posted on InsideUnis:

Yesterday I linked to an image of the warmups for Kobe and LeBron. These warmups had the accolades for both players. Well, the photo above is what Michael Jordan’s warmup would have looked like if he had been an all-star this year. This was created by Cork Gaines and his story is here. MJ is still the greatest of all time. Inside Report: Not much on the uni front today, but we begin with new baseball jerseys for Toledo…I have linked to a shot of the new Houston football helmets, but here’s a better shot. Boy are they looking sweet…The memorial patch the Lakers will be wearing for Jerry Buss.

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Was NBA slam dunk contest winner pre-determined before fan voting ended?

Was the winner of the dunk contest pre-determined before the voting period ended?

During the dunk contest, fans had the opportunity to text, tweet or vote online for the winner of the slam dunk contest. The winner was in the fans’ hands.

They had a countdown clock so fans knew how much time was left before the voting period ended.

But curiously, Nick Cannon was handed an envelope which appeared to have the results. This was with nine seconds remaining in the voting countdown. Were the results of the voting already tallied before the voting period ended?

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That dunk contest could have been so much better

So that dunk contest was hard to watch. The final dunks were decent but everything else was just hard to watch.

What is the solution? How can we make this thing better?

Obviously the problem is the lack of star power. I didn’t even know who was in this dunk contest until I looked it up. There was no star power here. It would be great if we got some big name players in this contest.

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