Warriors coach Mark Jackson tweets during halftime

It’s halftime right now between the Warriors and Lakers game and head coach Mark Jackson sent out this tweet.

Using his iPhone, Jackson tweeted out this message of inspiration (maybe). I am not sure if this was a scheduled tweet or an accidental tweet. Maybe someone is tweeting on his account. Apparently it’s happened before.

Either way, fans are reacting to it.

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Stephen Curry wants to rid of ‘Short Sleeve Saturdays’

Stephen Curry has voiced his displeasure about the sleeve jerseys when they debuted last season. Other players have voiced it this season too. But Adidas and the NBA continue to push it and it appears that it might be around for a while.

Since the Warriors have won 21 road games, the last one coming off a frantic comeback win over the Blazers, Stephen Curry was asked about whether or not the Warriors should switch out their home white jerseys and wear their road duds for their next home game.

“Short Sleeve Saturdays should be gone,” Curry said (2:13 mark in above clip). “And we should wear our blue roadies for the rest of the year.”

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Did Klay Thompson join Twitter just for a promotion and to boost merchandise sales for the Warriors?

The Warriors are having Social Media Night again and part of the night will feature these new shirts that feature the Twitter handles of the players.

It’s a great promotion and these shirts are cool. However, there was one thing that caught me by surprise and it was the timing of this and Klay Thompson’s “return” to Twitter. I was unaware that Thompson was ever on Twitter. In fact, he hasn’t been on Twitter until he miraculously revived it two days ago.

Prior to the All-Star break, Thompson did not have a Twitter account. The Warriors acknowledged this as part of their lineup announcement all season long.

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This Warriors-Clippers rivalry is the dawning of a new era

Aside from the sleeves we saw today on Christmas, the other buzz people are talking about are the Warriors and Clippers’s new rivalry. They both had a scuffle in their last meeting and a few broke out during their Christmas game.

I initially thought this rivalry between the two was not necessary. It seemed to me that a great rivalry would be against the foes that had been atop the West for a while: the Lakers, Spurs and Thunder.

But now thinking about it, those teams aren’t the top teams anymore. They’re good, but the tide has turned in the West. The Clippers and Warriors are now rising up.

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Warriors are more Oakland than the A’s? Hold up!

The Raiders have an Oakland feel. Sure, I dig that.

The Warriors have an Oakland feel too. That’s correct. But once they move to San Francisco, it will lose that touch.

But the A’s don’t have an Oakland feel? I’ve been going to A’s games since I was a kid and I don’t know what Adande defines as an Oakland feel. Even though the crowds are small, the passion is just as strong as any other fanbase I’ve seen. During the playoffs, you can’t match the passion and cheers from Oakland.

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Why are the Warriors tweeting out of Los Angeles during a home game?

Check out this tweet the Warriors sent out after they came back to beat the Raptors on Tuesday. Earlier in the day, the San Jose Sharks beat the Toronto Maple Leafs, giving the two Bay Area teams a clean sweep of their Toronto counterparts that evening.

But take a look at the Warriors tweet above. The location says that the tweet was sent out by someone in Los Angeles.

Why are the Warriors tweeting from Los Angeles when the game they just finished was in Oakland? Apparently whomever runs the Warriors account watches the game not live in person, but most likely on television. That’s so strange.

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Stephen Curry unveils Veterans Day Under Armour shoes

So you know those “bleeding” uniforms Under Armour gave Northwestern that caused a stir? Apparently they’re doing it for basketball too and Stephen Curry unveiled the shoes to honor the veterans for Veterans Day. Since the Warriors aren’t playing until Tuesday, I think that’s when he plans to debut them.

These shoes from a design standpoint is simple. But the choice of black and green reminds me of night vision goggles. Add onto the fact that the sole looks like a target for a missile crosshair of some sort, I don’t actually know if the design is that good. I mean, you target something or someone you intend to kill, right? I’m not sure I am comfortable with the shoe depicting that.

I suppose there’s a consolation that nobody will see the sole when the shoe is worn.

I’m all for honoring our vets, but I still have a hard time finding these inspired equipment and uniform designs that actually depict the act of violence. Maybe I’m old school. Or maybe Under Armour once again took it a little too far.

My first NBA experience at Staples Center

Last night was my first time ever at Staples Center for an NBA game. I had been there before for two hockey games, but this was a first for me.

The experience was quite unique. Since it was a Clippers game, it wasn’t all “showtime” or anything. The place had loud music, fans were walking around (without much enthusiasm) and it was just a nice atmosphere. I got a free shirt upon arrival, so it’s nice to have a free rag.

What really caught me was that the Clippers identity is unknown still. There was a lot of flashy lights and hip hop music played. Even the player introductions video was rapped by the players. I couldn’t stop laughing.

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Mark Jackson is all about impacting lives

We all know that Mark Jackson is a preacher and he knows what kind of influence he has on many people. So it comes to no surprise that his biggest outlook as a head coach is not what happens on the court, but what happens with the men he works with.

Great coaches in our generation and those of years past can be attributed to their success on court, but so many of them have also been great mentors off court. That’s what Jackson is all about.

There’s a greater value in positively impacting the lives of men than just winning basketball games. This reply tweet reminds us that basketball is important, but as coach knows, he isn’t just a coach to them. There’s a bigger responsibility.

With Jeremy Lin’s new movie ‘LINSANITY’ coming out today, a look back at the first time I met him

Trailer for Jeremy Lin’s new movie now playing in theaters.


When Jeremy Lin made his NBA debut, I was in the house for that. It was 2010 and it was the Golden State Warriors’ second game of the season. It was also Asian Heritage Night. I was very lucky to have gotten a media credential to that game.

There wasn’t a lot of expectations for Lin. He was way low on the depth chart and the only way he would get some action on the court was if the game was a blowout.

Sure enough, late in the game, the Warriors took a commanding lead and it was then that then head coach Keith Smart decided to put Lin in the game. The reaction to Lin was off the charts for every opportunity he touched the ball even though he didn’t attempt a single shot in his short time on the court.

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