Lakers embrace social media in their shooting shirts

This isn’t the first time social media has been used in team outfits. The Lakers are taking that with their social media night and it’s pretty neat. I am all for handles being used in warmup clothing and so forth, just not for actual in-game stuff.

#Embrace the future of marketing.

The NBA and Adidas’ desire to produce more sleeved abominations

Yes, NBA and Adidas. Please tell me how these are great designs for a basketball uniform! It is so great to see something so innovative in a sport that demands something like this.

Oh Adidas, you are one of a kind.


My goodness these are horrible.

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Lakers unveil ‘Stay’ billboards urging Dwight Howard to re-sign in free agency


He’s bad news and just a bad handful for any team.

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The Lakers have erected a billboard at the Staples Center urging Dwight Howard to re-sign as a free agent. (@Lakers)

Charming or desperate? That’s always a fine line when it comes to courtship.

The Lakers began placing billboards around Los Angeles urging center Dwight Howard to re-sign when he becomes an unrestricted free agent next month. The billboards feature photographs of Howard alongside the word “STAY” and a corresponding “#STAYD12″ hashtag.

Howard, 27, averaged 17.1 points, 12.4 rebounds and 2.4 blocks in his only season with the Lakers after being acquired from the Magic in a four-team blockbuster trade last summer. The seven-time All-Star told reporters after the Lakers were swept by the Spurs in the first round of the playoffs that he planned to “step away” before considering his free agency options.

“I’m going to step away from everything for a couple weeks and clear my head before I…

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Kobe Bryant is retiring if you believe what the Internet tells you

Earlier in the day, Kobe Bryant announced that he would have an announcement. Some speculated that he would announce his retirement, but it actually ended up that he was partnering with a non-profit organization.

But of course, if one fake account makes you believe it to be true, then people will believe it. That forced Bryant to come out and debunk those rumors.

Don’t be a fool. Not everything on the Internet is true.

It’s a shame if this is the end for Kobe Bryant

The last we’ve seen of Kobe Bryant?

The Lakers say that Kobe Bryant tore his Achilles. Bryant himself believes that too. It’s the kind of injury that can sideline a player for over a year. Nobody comes back from the injury the same as they once was before.

I am not a Lakers fans and I can’t stand anything associated with the team. But I know basketball and I respect talented players when I see them. That’s Bryant. Despite his selfish ways and his arrogance, it’s part of what makes him a basketball player you just have to watch. He has been so great for so long that you would think that he could play on forever.

But with this injury, it appears that his days as a Laker could be over. His days in the NBA could be on the same boat.

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Lakers really have no idea what their own history looked like

Great history. Very little attention to detail.

Great history. Very little attention to detail.

So there’s this conspiracy theory about the Lakers going on right now and that unfortunately took away some positives that they celebrated Tuesday.

The team retired Shaquille O’Neal’s number. It was a great gesture. Unfortunately, it reminded me of an issue I’ve had with the Lakers and apparently they did not fix it.

Look at the jersey they used for O’Neal. The name and number are placed in front of the jersey? And look at the other retired numbers. All the fonts are wrong. For such a historical franchise, they really have no one to point out the inaccuracies of these jerseys? Terrible.

But the ceremony was very nice.

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There’s too much fear for officials in the NBA to make the right call

It takes courage to make the right call? What do you mean it takes courage? It’s their job to make the right call.

Here’s my problem. The right call is calling that foul. It doesn’t matter if it was Kobe Bryant. You don’t cost a team the opportunity to tie the game just because of reputation.

I know this has gone on long before today in the NBA but lately, the officiating has been really bad. And to say that an official has to have courage to do the right thing? That is absurd when the foul is so clear. I’m really embarrassed about this. No player is bigger than the game.

Dwight Howard: ‘I will remember that shot’ from David Lee


Dwight Howard, why do you have to be so soft? It looked like Lee was going up for a shot and it was accidental. How about you be a better basketball player? Make your free throws, hustle for the ball, improve your jump shot and stop being weak? I used to respect your game but your mentality in recent years really isn’t healthy.

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Dwight Howard won't forget the shot from David Lee. (Rocky Widner/Getty Images)

Dwight Howard won’t forget the shot from David Lee. (Rocky Widner/Getty Images)

Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard wasn’t particularly impressed with what he believes was a deliberate shot against him by Golden State Warriors forward David Lee.

The two players collided in the second quarter of the Lakers’ six-point loss to the Warriors on Monday night, with Howard picking up a technical foul after Lee’s elbow made contact and bloodied Howard’s mouth.

Howard said he will “remember that shot” and “take care of it later,” and thinks people should decide on their own as to whether Lee was sincere when he said he was “just trying to go up and finish against a shot block” and didn’t mean anything personal by the brief clash, according to Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports:

“He got away with a shot,” Howard said. “I will remember this game. I will remember that shot…

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Reports: Lakers owner Jerry Buss dies at 80


Even though I am not a Lakers fan, this is sad to see that such an integral part of Showtime has passed away.

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Jerry Buss

Lakers owner Jerry Buss has reportedly died after battling cancer. (Damian Dovarganes/AP)

By Ben Golliver and Rob Mahoney

Jerry Buss, the longtime Lakers owner who led the franchise to 10 NBA championships, died Monday morning, according to the Los Angeles Times and He was 80.

The Lakers confirmed Buss’s death in a statement.

“We not only have lost our cherished father, but a beloved man of our community and a person respected by the world basketball community,” the family’s statement said.

Buss had been hospitalized on numerous occasions in recent years and it was reported last week that he had been battling cancer for an extended period of time, according to multiple reports. The resulting concerns over Buss’ health were reported to be the reason that he took on a less active role with the Lakers in recent years. He leaves behind his two oldest children, Jim (who…

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Referee Kennedy caught on hot mic telling coaches he’s ‘stalling’ for TV


Because in the end, TV rules all of our sports. They dictate the pace of the game and when games are played. Another shot right here of how TV slowed down the pace of the game.

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By Ben Golliver

Referee Billy Kennedy was caught on a hot mic telling Spurs coach Gregg Popovich and Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni that he was “stalling” the game so that the television broadcast could air more commercials.

The unusual sequence took place with 5:09 remaining in the fourth quarter with the Spurs leading 103-91 at the AT&T Center.

“You called a full and then you wanted a 20,” Kennedy explained to D’Antoni. “You didn’t have one. You called one in the third quarter. TV went to a 20, thought it was going to be a 20. So what I’m doing right now is I’m stalling, I’m stalling for commercial time. That’s why I’m doing this right now. I need your help. … I can’t let your teams go to the huddle, you know what I’m saying?”

The broadcast then cut to a commercial break.

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