Thank you BCS for giving us great football

Farewell, BCS. You weren’t a great system and at times, we questioned why you exist. But you gave us great games. The BCS Championship game we just witnessed was an amazing game. Texas-USC was amazing. The Rose Bowl this year was fun. Boise State’s upset was phenomenal.

But it’s time for you to go. I bid farewell, but I also thank you for the good and bad times. We learned a lot and had a lot of fun watching these games.

To the new playoff system, we expect great things. This is why we love college football.

Farewell and thank you.

What a game!

Looking back at my first ever trip to the Rose Bowl

I had been to the Rose Bowl before, but that was for a UCLA regular season game. But to go to the Rose Bowl game itself was something that I always wanted to do.

I didn’t do it last year mainly because I didn’t really think about it. Plus I was already so excited about the parade that I just let it be. However this year, I knew that I had to go to it. Especially since I grew up a Cal fan and have a soft spot for Michigan State sports, it was a game I had to attend.

Following the parade, I decided to drive to the Rose Bowl. I didn’t have a ticket and I didn’t even know if I could go in. I was told that I could just show up to the parking lot and mingle with people and maybe someone would sell me a ticket. I should have done that.

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The ending to the Iron Bowl was kind of embarrassing

Props should be given to Auburn for being heads up on the final play to win the game. But the same cannot be said for Alabama. In fact, it’s very embarrassing that they let it happened.

It just seemed like the entire special teams, save for maybe one or two players, were ready for a potential return on a missed kick. In fact, most times when it comes to a ball fielded that deep into the end zone, the returner doesn’t get past the 30-yard line.

But it was great blocking on Auburn’s part and the delayed reaction by Alabama really took away from this ending for me. It was a thrilling ending, but it came in part because one team just wasn’t ready. That’s a shame.

That SJSU-Fresno St. game was just so thrilling

That game yesterday was everything that I wanted and it delivered. It was everything SJSU needed to show the world that they are still a team that can win big games.

What we got was a thrilling, exhilarating game like I’ve never seen before. It was a game of two halves. It was the unstoppable offenses in the first half and the clutch defensive stops in the second half.

Needing to win that game (and break the three-game losing streak) to make it back to a bowl game was a big deal for the program. SJSU needed it so bad and taking out #16 ranked and undefeated Fresno State to do it in the process makes it so sweet.

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Hawaii will win the best uniform of the year in college football

Remember when I did my end of the year best and worst dressed? I already have declared the winner for the NCAA football category.

Please tell me this is not the best looking uniform that you’ve seen this year? Everything about it is amazing. It’s simple but with vibrant colors. The cleats are amazing and most importantly, it embodies the community and the campus so perfectly.

Winner! Go Rainbow Warriors!

The Top 10 College Football Alternate Uniforms of 2013 (So Far)


Top 10 worst? These are all terribly designed.

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(Scott Olmos/USA Today Sports)

College football is the land of consistency, pageantry, and tradition. More and more often, however, pageantry overwhelms those other two elements and we get teams trying out crazy alternate uniforms. Some are ugly, some are dope. Here are the best 10 alternates we’ve seen this season.

10. Oregon State – The Beavers rocked these metallic orange unis when they faced USC on November 1st. If you’re in the same state with the Oregon Ducks, you have no choice but to switch up your uniforms.

Oregon State AP Photo Don Ryan USC Nov 1

(AP Photo/ Don Ryan)

9. Oregon – The school that started the alternate uniform craze came correct with the coordinated mismatch pink helmets to honor breast cancer awareness on October 19th versus Washington State. I love this look because it matches absolutely nothing. It’s literally the pink elephant in the stadium.

AP Photo Don Ryan Oct 19 Washington St

(AP Photo/Don Ryan)

8. Notre Dame – The Irish switched up…

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Johnny Manziel’s Mock Autograph, ‘Money’ Sign & Scoreboard Point Vs. Rice [VIDEO, GIF]


Johnny Manziel was someone I did not care about. Especially all his partying, he turned me off. But today, he became someone I want to follow. No, not follow as in admiration. Rather follow because he reminds me of Stone Cold Steve Austin. He rebels against authority, marches to the beat of his own drum and really in a sense, is a heel in the biggest way. We need this kind of character in the drama of silliness that is the NCAA. Good for you!

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Just Johnny Football being Johnny Football. Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel served his one-half game suspension on Saturday, entering the contest for Matt Joeckel in the third quarter of the Aggies’ tilt against Rice.

After taking a solid hit from Rice linebacker Nick Elder on a scramble, Manziel jumped to his feet and made an autographing gesture at the Owl defender. You can see the play in full in the video above.

Later in the quarter, Manziel threw his first touchdown pass of the season — a 23-yarder to Mike Evans. After the score, Manziel made what seems to be A&M’s signature ‘EFF YOU’ celebration to the NCAA this season: he rubbed his fingers in classic “show me the money” fashion.


Glad to see that suspension has humbled the youngster, NCAA. Good job, good effort.

A&M leads 52-28 in the fourth quarter.

[UPDATE: Manziel got flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct after…

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Props to Cal for not letting the Big Game move to Levi’s Stadium

It basically comes to this: Do the Cal Bears want to be viewed as that money-hungry school that would sell their tradition for glamour?

Cal knew that it wasn’t right. The fans voiced their opinion. And in the end, Cal did right by not letting the tradition of the Big Game change.

I was hoping that this was the way it would be but I was afraid that there would be too much power in the glamour. Glad we have no change. Memories of the Big Game should remain with the schools, not the big stadium for the big boys.

It would suck if a moment like this was played on a neutral site.

Can decision to move Cal-Stanford Big Game to Santa Clara work?

There are some mixed reactions to this potential deal to move the Big Game to new Levi’s Stadium in 2014.

In a business sense, it’s a great idea. Stanford is closer to Santa Clara so the travel for them is easier. Even though Cal renovated their stadium, Levi’s Stadium will have a bigger seating capacity and has a lot better amenities for the fans.

There’s a lot of potential revenue to be made here and to have it at a marquee venue would definitely boost its exposure.

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