10 thoughts on Sunday’s Week 16 NFL games

Here are 10 thoughts after watching the Week 16 games from Sunday.

1- Earlier in the year I wondered about the Seahawks and if they were going to get on track. They didn’t look great then and a lot of it can be traced to their injuries on defense. But those guys are healthy and the Seahawks offense is running wild. Marshawn Lynch last night was phenomenal. Also, I can see that the Hawks are looking like the team to beat in the NFC. They have the top record now and if any team has to go through Seattle, it’s not going to be easy.

The Cardinals, however, are in big trouble. Their entire team can’t be on the shoulders of the defense. Without a reliable quarterback, they are in real bad shape. Last night showed that they could only last for so long before their deficiencies caught up to them.

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CSN producer thinks Johnny Manziel can’t succeed because of his name

CSN Philly producer Sean Kane believes your name determines your success as a QB in the NFL.

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What does Ray McDonald’s release say about the 49ers?

Earlier this year I wrote that Ray McDonald’s legal troubles and the 49ers’ insistence to let the legal process sort it out would define the reputation of Jed York and the team. And in the end, the 49ers came out on top. Of course, the rumblings of whether or not the officer helping McDonald had any connection with the team is the what if that still remains.

Now, another what if hovers over the team involving Ray McDonald. It’s not whether or not the decision to release him was right (I believe it was) but it’s more on what if the 49ers were still in the playoff hunt?

Remember, the 49ers stuck with McDonald the first time and because of that, McDonald was able to play instead of serving a punishment. If the 49ers were not eliminated from the playoff hunt, would the 49ers have held on to McDonald just a bit for his services on the field?

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Disney and NFL logo mashup


I have always loved what AK-47 Studios has done with his graphic designs. He shares them on Instagram and for the past couple of months, he has put together our favorite Disney characters with NFL logos. Just take a look at some of the creations he has put together. You can even buy them right here.

I like his creativity and what different ways we can reimagine some NFL logos. Which ones are your favorite? You can look at all of them right here.

Disney x NFL series – Captain Jack Oakland Raiders @raiders #nfl #disney

A photo posted by AK (@ak47_studios) on

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10 thoughts on Sunday’s Week 15 NFL games

Here are 10 thoughts after watching the Week 15 games from Sunday.

The 49ers couldn’t keep the Seahawks down.

1- The 49ers are officially done. It isn’t a surprise really seeing how this team has struggled in the past month. Even though the defense played well for most of the game, it was the offense that forced the team into tough spots. The first half they had some signs of life with a strong running game but ultimately, the offense (especially the pocket protections) looked like what they have been like this past month: lost. With that said, the season is over for the team. The playoffs are out of the picture and the questions about Jim Harbaugh’s future continues to grow stronger by the daily. The Seahawks are just a better team and the 49ers are struggling to even put together a successful game plan to win games.

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10 thoughts on Sunday’s Week 14 NFL games

Here are 10 thoughts after watching the Week 14 games from Sunday.

The Raiders gave the 49ers fits all day.

1- The 49ers are done. Even though they are still in the hunt to make the playoffs, nothing from their recent performance suggests they’ll pull it off. Sunday’s loss to Oakland showed that their pass rush is not strong. Their offensive line is not strong. Colin Kaepernick is not making good decisions. The team isn’t playing well at all. Add on top of the rumored Jim Harbaugh and front office troubles, we have a team that has the talent to be a good team but just isn’t doing it. This may be it for the small little run by the 49ers atop the NFC. They look lost.

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10 thoughts on Sunday’s Week 13 NFL games

Here are 10 thoughts after watching the Week 13 games from Sunday.

Super Bowl preview? I believe so.

1- The Packers-Patriots matchup was everything I wanted to see. It was a close game, both quarterbacks played well enough to keep their team in the game. I think what makes the Packers that much more dangerous than the Patriots is the offensive passing weapons. They are so diverse and they can really stretch the field with Aaron Rodgers’ mobility. But the addition of LeGarrette Blount back to the Patriots really gives this Patriots team a great stable approach. This is what I believe is the Super Bowl matchup right here. I don’t think either of these teams will falter down the stretch. Both are just that good.

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