Aldon Smith’s nine game suspension is tough but acceptable

First of all, here is the story via Twitter.

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The new punishments for domestic violence is good but not good enough for NFL

Roger Goodell admitted that his decision to punish Ray Rice for only two games for beating his fiance was not good enough. In turn he has implemented a new rule for every NFL employee that a first offense will now warrant six games. A second one will lead to a lifetime ban.

I am happy that Goodell finally saw that the punishment he handed Rice was not strict enough, that a domestic violence situation should warrant a harsher punishment.

But is six games enough? It’s tough to say since these kinds of things can get dragged out in court and sometimes cases are dropped. Should the punishment be more strict? There’s a certain balance between tolerance and forgiveness. The NFL is a forgiving league and giving a player a chance to come back is a good policy. But should the first offense punishment be harsher to be a bigger deterrent?

I think at least a full season ban would suffice. You have to show that this kind of behavior is a serious matter.

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Those ugly NFL Christmas sweaters have a new design and I love them

I wasn’t sold on the previous two 49ers sweater designs. However, this new one is perfect for me.

Remember when they announced the ugly NFL sweaters? Well, it looks like we have ourselves some new designs released just in time for purchase before our eggnogging drinking days.

Check out these new designs. They don’t have designs for all the teams, but the looks are similar. The front has the team logo. The sleeves color (with sleeve stripes and numbers) contrasts the body of the sweater. On the back is a number which is just filled with complete unnecessary snowflakes. It’s ugly. It’s perfect.

As a 49ers fan, I wanted these but the two previous designs were just OK with me. This one, however, I really like. I think I am getting it.

Check out their selections right here.

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5 Best Reactions to the NFL’s ‘Pay-to-Play’ Superbowl Halftime Scheme

5 Best Reactions to the NFL’s ‘Pay-to-Play’ Superbowl Halftime Scheme


Just give us Weird Al. This is ridiculous!

Originally posted on TIME:

The National Football League is planning to introduce at least one significant change to its halftime show at the Superbowl: in order to perform, superstar acts will pay for the privilege.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the league is considering three acts for its next halftime extravaganza in early 2015: Katy Perry, Rihanna and Coldplay. But unlike in previous years, these performers have been asked to shill out dough in the form of post-Super Bowl tour income or another “financial contribution.”

The news was not received well in some quarters, but some met it with more humor than others. And so, we bring you: the 6 best reactions on Twitter to the NFL’s new “pay to play” scheme, based on no scientific rubric at all and entirely on this writer’s whim.

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A call for the 49ers to wear their 1994 throwbacks this year

The 1994 throwbacks.

In 1994, the NFL celebrated their 75th anniversary and many teams throughout the league wore throwbacks that season. The 49ers wore the throwbacks you see above, taking back to their 1955 set, early in the season. When they got superstitious, they decided to keep wearing that uniform. They eventually rode that all the way to their Super Bowl XXIX victory.

That was the last time the 49ers won the Super Bowl and the aspirations to return and win it are at an all-time high for this franchise. Since the 49ers changed their uniform to their current set in 1994, the team has not worn a throwback for any kind. This current set is so similar to what they wore during their glory years of the 1980s that they eliminated any potential throwback games to that era. Of course they could throw back to the Jeff Garcia, Shaun Hill days but most of those were very tough seasons that fans might not want to remember.

So why not throw back to the 1994 set?

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49ers offensive lineman Anthony Davis thinks Robin Williams’ death was an inside job

“What if they killed Robin Williams to distract us from what was really going on…”

The tweet has since been deleted.

What an odd thing to say. Who killed Robin Williams and what was it to distract us from?

Davis is notorious for tweeting things that either anger or confuse people. This is another one of those.

The reaction, of course, was of confusion and shock.

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Nike SpeedVent training camp shorts may be Nike’s greatest design contribution to the NFL

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When Nike took over the NFL several years ago, they got off to a rough start. They had issues with players and their designs weren’t all that great.

But as I was sifting through training camp photos, I found something that Nike designed for the NFL that I thought was beautiful. In fact, I can say this may be their greatest design contribution to the league since taking over.

Introducing to you: The Nike SpeedVent shorts.

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