Why are NFL players getting in trouble a lot more than they did in the past?

What a crazy season this has been. Ray Rice. Ray McDonald. Adrian Peterson. Greg Hardy. Just saying those names and immediately think about their recent issues off the field. Domestic violence, child abuse, bullying and there are a ton of other players out there with DUIs, drug use and many other crimes.

I am not sure what is going on. I don’t remember this many news hits of NFL players causing trouble when I was a kid. Maybe there were but it wasn’t as public. Or maybe it’s because we live in an age where these common mishaps are just more accessible and easier to expose.

But why are these athletes screwing up? Was it something from their upbringing? Is it the fame and fortune? What is making them act the way they do?

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Rihanna to the NFL: ‘F*** you!’

Rihanna to the NFL: ‘F*** you!’


What a messy situation. CBS pulled Rihanna last week as the league was going through the Ray Rice controversy. She didn’t like it and now CBS won’t use her at all.

Originally posted on Twitchy:

She does have a point as it looked like the NFL canceled her appearance last Thursday because she was a past victim of domestic who had reconciled with her abuser:

FWIW, the NFL said that she was cancelled not because of her past history, but because of the overall “tone” of the broadcast:

“We thought journalistically and from a tone standpoint, we needed to have the appropriate tone and coverage,” CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus told SI.com last week of the decision to bump Rihanna’s intro, among other features. “A lot of the production elements we wanted in the show are being eliminated because of time or tone.”

Now the “tone” has changed an it’s…

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10 thoughts on Sunday’s Week 2 NFL games

Here are 10 thoughts after watching the Week 2 games from Sunday.

1- Injuries are a part of the game. But when a load of injuries happen on the same day to multiple players, especially some big stars, then it’s concerning. And people wanted 18 games?

Robert Griffin III’s injury was hard to watch. He hasn’t been the same since his injury in the playoffs and this dislocated ankle could keep him out for the entire year. Add on to Knowshon Moreno’s elbow injury (a couple months out) and it already was looking bad. DeSean Jackson has a shoulder injury. Gerald McCoy broke his hand. Doug Martin’s knee is giving him problems. Vernon Davis hurt his ankle. In the same game, Charles Tillman hurt his arm. Ryan Mathews hurt his knee. Jamaal Charles and Eric Berry both got hurt. A.J. Green also suffered an injury.

What a horrible week for injuries. I hope this isn’t a trend for the upcoming weeks.

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Goodell Under Siege

Goodell Under Siege


I’ve tried to give Roger Goodell the benefit of the doubt but it’s hard with all this new information coming in. But I do believe that the truth will be uncovered one way or another. Whether it’s through this investigation or not, we will know what really happened. I don’t want to see the NFL turn into a wild circus but it looks like it’s already reached there. I just want to see it get better soon.

Originally posted on The MMQB with Peter King:

NEW YORK — The Ray Rice tornado has been swirling for three days now, and the twists and turns have been fast and furious. Have you ever seen a story go so frenetic in three days? Wednesday evening began with one NFL owner telling me he didn’t think NFL commissioner Roger Goodell could survive the Rice scandal.

Four hours later, the NFL appointed a former director of the FBI, Robert S. Mueller III, to launch an independent investigation of the league’s handling of the Rice case. The league said the investigation will be made public when it’s finished, the same wayindependent investigator Ted Wells’ report on the Richie Incognito bullying scandal was made public earlierthis year. “Commissioner Goodell pledged that director Mueller will have the full cooperation of NFL personnel and access to all NFL records,” the NFL statement said.

Just before 11 p.m. Eastern Time, minutes after the league…

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Roger Goodell, Ray Rice and somebody knew about the tape

Somebody knew about the tape. The NFL received it. But here are two things to wonder. The package was sent to an NFL executive. The voice confirming that the package arrived may have been an intern, a secretary, or something who after saw the video never gave the video to the proper persons.

That has to be the only thing the NFL has as a defense. But realistically, would you believe that story?

There are so many points to this story it’s hard to pinpoint what is real and what is very possibly fabricated. All I know now is that somebody has lied. Maybe multiple people. There’s a cover up somewhere. Trust is broken. I don’t know what to feel about the shield. I know it’s harder for me to believe anything from anybody from any side until this is resolved.

Jed York and the 49ers reputation is in the hands of the Ray McDonald investigation

A lot is on the line for the 49ers and it rides on the outcome of the Ray McDonald investigation.

Throughout the entire Ray Rice domestic violence news that has overtaken us this past 24 hours, we are reminded that the 49ers are dealing with a similar situation. “Ray McDonald is not Ray Rice,” 49ers CEO Jed York told KNBR this morning. He is right. But it’s tough to try to sift through all the discussion with domestic violence right in the forefront and not find similarities.

Ray McDonald is not Ray Rice. That is true. His situation is not similar to that of Rice’s. But with Rice ordeal still in our minds, the 49ers are very aware of the potential consequences if McDonald’s alleged domestic violence attack is true.

But of course, the 49ers are not the type of organization to be the judge, jury and executioner on their own. They wait when they’re demanded to be swift. The same way they waited and allowed Aldon Smith to play one game before hearing the outcry of the public. Then did Smith receive some sort of punishment in the form of rehab. It was only then after did the NFL suspend Smith for nine games.

They knew that Smith was out of control, yet they balked at making a move.

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The reaction to video of Ray Rice punching his fiancee

EDIT: Ravens release Ray Rice. 



The NFL claims that they have never seen the full video of Ray Rice hitting his fiance Janay (now wife) before today. Do you believe that?

Now with this video out there, there was a major reaction around the NFL from people who believe Ray Rice deserves a harsher punishment.

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