Why I have no problem with the flag Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah got for his prayer celebration

Was Husain Abdullah penalized for the slide or for the prostration?

Following Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah’s pick-six, he went to the ground and prostrated. Abdullah is a devout Muslim and many know that such actions are common with the religion. However, he was given a penalty flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct — mainly for going to the ground in celebration.

Naturally, there was a negative reaction to this, with people claiming that someone shouldn’t be flagged for praying.

But first, let’s look at the rule in Section 3. Article 1. Line D.

“Individual players involved in prolonged or excessive celebrations. Players are prohibited from engaging in any celebrations while on the ground. A celebration shall be deemed excessive or prolonged if a player continues to celebrate after a warning from an official.”

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10 thoughts on Sunday’s Week 4 NFL games

Here are 10 thoughts after watching the Week 4 games from Sunday.

1- You want some blood and guts? Don’t get on Steve Smith’s bad side. Even though he tried to downplay this game, we all knew that the first game against his old team was going to be a big deal for him. And it was. Just take a look at this big play. Lucky? Sure. But he was aware and caught it and scored. The Panthers had no chance and it appears that the team has lost some of its swagger from last year. The Panthers defense isn’t as strong as I thought and the lack of strong offensive weapons is hurting them bad.

Smith on the other hand has been a fantastic addition to the Ravens and the team has a gem in him. He may be 35 but he’s playing a huge role for the offense. I think Justin Forsett is finding more opportunities to run the ball and that may very well mean the end of Bernard Pierce’s time as the starter. Unless coach Harbaugh flips it around, look for this Ravens offense to stick with Forsett as the the top back going forward.

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“Sean Taylor: A Football Life” – Sneak Preview

“Sean Taylor: A Football Life” – Sneak Preview


I cannot wait to see this documentary.

Originally posted on They Call It Pro Football - Official NFL Films Blog:

“Sean Taylor: A Football Life” airs this Friday September 26 @ 9:00PM / ET. Click below to view the trailer below:

[nfl-video id="0ap3000000397253" contentid="0ap3000000397253" ads="1" related="home" size="large" playername="blog_large_embedded"]

On December 6th, 2007, I was in my second year out of college and working as a production assistant at NFL Films.  We were holding our weekly screening in our theater when the Buffalo-Washington segment from Inside the NFL began to play.

It was the first Washington home game since Sean Taylor’s murder, and I had been following the story only casually.  My impressions were formed from initial reports that Sean had allegedly lived some sort of violent lifestyle, and, in some fashion, this caused his murder.

But then, I saw the first shot of the “Inside the NFL” highlights.  It was the fans in the stands before kickoff, holding up white towels with #21 in burgundy and gold.  There…

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10 thoughts on Sunday’s Week 3 NFL games

Here are 10 thoughts after watching the Week 3 games from Sunday.

1- The 49ers fans loved their team so much, they decided to lose their composure at the game too. Look at this brawl. What an embarrassment for everyone involved. Is that blood?

As for the game, I am shocked at how undisciplined the 49ers were. Sure, there were a good number of penalties called against the, that I disagreed with, but the bigger issue is the team’s inability to do anything in the second half of their games this season. 52-3. You read that right. After a pretty solid start to the game, the team decided to slow down and just not get anything going. Frank Gore disappeared and I am not sure the secondary can last this season.

They’re better than the Cardinals. But somehow they just couldn’t get their act going. This is a tough spot as they host the Eagles next week. Going 1-3 could seriously jeopardize their changes of making the playoffs.

And can you believe Colin Kaepernick said that?

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Why are NFL players getting in trouble a lot more than they did in the past?

What a crazy season this has been. Ray Rice. Ray McDonald. Adrian Peterson. Greg Hardy. Just saying those names and immediately think about their recent issues off the field. Domestic violence, child abuse, bullying and there are a ton of other players out there with DUIs, drug use and many other crimes.

I am not sure what is going on. I don’t remember this many news hits of NFL players causing trouble when I was a kid. Maybe there were but it wasn’t as public. Or maybe it’s because we live in an age where these common mishaps are just more accessible and easier to expose.

But why are these athletes screwing up? Was it something from their upbringing? Is it the fame and fortune? What is making them act the way they do?

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Rihanna to the NFL: ‘F*** you!’

Rihanna to the NFL: ‘F*** you!’


What a messy situation. CBS pulled Rihanna last week as the league was going through the Ray Rice controversy. She didn’t like it and now CBS won’t use her at all.

Originally posted on Twitchy:

She does have a point as it looked like the NFL canceled her appearance last Thursday because she was a past victim of domestic who had reconciled with her abuser:

FWIW, the NFL said that she was cancelled not because of her past history, but because of the overall “tone” of the broadcast:

“We thought journalistically and from a tone standpoint, we needed to have the appropriate tone and coverage,” CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus told SI.com last week of the decision to bump Rihanna’s intro, among other features. “A lot of the production elements we wanted in the show are being eliminated because of time or tone.”

Now the “tone” has changed an it’s…

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10 thoughts on Sunday’s Week 2 NFL games

Here are 10 thoughts after watching the Week 2 games from Sunday.

1- Injuries are a part of the game. But when a load of injuries happen on the same day to multiple players, especially some big stars, then it’s concerning. And people wanted 18 games?

Robert Griffin III’s injury was hard to watch. He hasn’t been the same since his injury in the playoffs and this dislocated ankle could keep him out for the entire year. Add on to Knowshon Moreno’s elbow injury (a couple months out) and it already was looking bad. DeSean Jackson has a shoulder injury. Gerald McCoy broke his hand. Doug Martin’s knee is giving him problems. Vernon Davis hurt his ankle. In the same game, Charles Tillman hurt his arm. Ryan Mathews hurt his knee. Jamaal Charles and Eric Berry both got hurt. A.J. Green also suffered an injury.

What a horrible week for injuries. I hope this isn’t a trend for the upcoming weeks.

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