SMH at that Vikings family that isn’t really a Vikings family at all


Deadspin had a piece about this and I thought I was the only one who felt the same way.

You can’t claim to be a Vikings family when members of the family abandon the Vikings. OK, so your son marries an Eagles fan. That’s fine. But just because you live in Cincinnati, doesn’t mean that you don’t teach your children to love the Vikings or the Eagles. Instead you let them just roam around and love whatever team is out there?

Then the other sister is a Vikings fan, yet converts to the Cowboys just because of one selfie with Emmitt Smith? Like, does this family have no loyalty? You can’t claim to be a Vikings family if you flop so bad.

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This is why I remain a Richard Sherman fan

I have been a Richard Sherman fan since his days at Stanford. During the Bay Area pro day, I said that he would be a steal in the draft.

Since then, he has been nothing but phenomenal in the league. His antics, his loudmouth, I don’t care. It’s really just him being him and the league just can’t handle it. He backs it up and I like it.

This just happened today. He trolls the league hard. He trolls the media hard. He and Doug Baldwin send a message of hypocrisy. I love it. I want more of it. Sherman is good for business.

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10 thoughts on Sunday’s Week 12 games

Here are 10 thoughts after watching the Week 12 games from Sunday.

1- I will start off with the Sunday night game. That catch was amazing. I was a fan of Beckham in college and I knew he had great potential. Many knew about his ability to do these kinds of things but to actually pull it off in the game was amazing. However, the product of the Giants overall overshadows this amazing catch. The defense is soft and the play of Eli Manning is hurting the team. Did you see that Cowboys final drive? That offensive line was giving Tony Romo pocket protection like no other. If that offensive line could do that more often throughout the game, these Cowboys could be real dangerous down the line. Giving Romo and running back DeMarco Murray that kind of blocking is great.

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This entry is titled: ‘Odell Beckham, Jr. — how are lives were changed with one catch’

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10 thoughts on Sunday’s Week 11 NFL games

Here are 10 thoughts after watching the Week 11 games from Sunday.

1- Even though the 49ers won thanks to Eli Manning and his five interceptions, the 49ers don’t look strong. Last week a few things had to go right just for them to win. This week, they couldn’t find much separation from the Giants in their win. Even though they now have won two in a row, it’s not a very impressive win streak. The defense has played better but the offense is still a mystery. The running game looked OK for the most part but the passing game is still a work in progress.

Could it be more Jim Harbaugh future coaching distractions? I don’t know. But a win is a win until you start realizing that a trend appears. Then these wins are just concerning. What are the 49ers going to do about this offense?

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Dolphins going mono-aqua is a good and bad thing

Dolphins have confirmed this uniform combination for Thursday night.

The Miami Dolphins, for the longest time, have a very unique uniform system. For home day games, they wear all white. Even when they tell fans to wear aqua for their “Aqua Out” game, the team still wore white because it was a day game. But for night games, they always wear their aqua jerseys. That’s a welcomed site because I think their aqua jerseys are nice.

This Monday night, they’re going to pair the jersey with aqua pants. This is the first time they’ve worn an all-aqua look in almost a decade. Overall, they are 2-1 when going with the all-aqua look. This new combination looks promising.

But here’s my thing about the Dolphins identity. I love their all-white look. In fact, I am a fan of teams who wear all-white. There’s something about a clean uniform like that that really gets my attention. With the popping colors of aqua and orange, the Dolphins pull it off nicely. The fact that they wear it for day games (to combat the heat) is a fine system. Unfortunately, because they haven’t been good for so long, seven of their eight home games are always day games.

If the Dolphins were a better team, maybe I wouldn’t complain as much. But their all-white is too much and because of that, I openly welcome the all-aqua just for a change of pace. I hope that the Dolphins get better and wear their aqua jerseys more often. I am not calling for the mono-aqua to be a more frequent thing, but I’ll take it now because of what we’ve seen lately.

10 thoughts on Sunday’s Week 10 NFL games

Here are 10 thoughts after watching the Week 10 games from Sunday.


1- This game was a doozy. The 49ers got back to running the ball and they looked good doing it. Then their defense started to pressure and pick off Drew Brees. However, the Saints got right back into things and with Jimmy Graham’s help, took a late lead. The 49ers didn’t deserve to win this yet got so lucky on that 4th down play at the end of regulation. How Michael Crabtree got that open I will never understand. How the 49ers somehow got into overtime I will just keep wondering. The Saints gave it away.

Overtime was like redemption for Ahmad Brooks after last year’s controversial sack on Brees. Clean sack, fumble, and the 49ers won. This game may have saved their season. They should be 6-3 but instead they are 5-4 and likely going to have to sneak in as a wild card team. Can they do it? If their running game is truly back in form, then I believe they can. The defense is only going to get better once healthy and Aldon Smith is allowed to return. The 49ers may have just played the game that turned their mediocre season around.

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