Warriors coach Mark Jackson tweets during halftime

It’s halftime right now between the Warriors and Lakers game and head coach Mark Jackson sent out this tweet.

Using his iPhone, Jackson tweeted out this message of inspiration (maybe). I am not sure if this was a scheduled tweet or an accidental tweet. Maybe someone is tweeting on his account. Apparently it’s happened before.

Either way, fans are reacting to it.

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Arian Foster uses Twitter to tell us a joke and that he’s breaking the law

Twitter is fun and if you use it right, it can be an outlet to tell jokes. For Arian Foster, it’s that and to also tell people that he broke the law.

Well there you go. I bet next time you’ll follow the steps that Darnell Dockett took.

Mercer beats Duke and Roddy White won’t honor bet he loses

Roddy White is great on Twitter but every now and then, he tweets something that he may regret. He promised a fan that he would get him season tickets if Mercer beats Duke.

And that’s exactly what happened.

Sadly, White has decided to not honor his promise.

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Newly signed Dolphins OT Branden Albert doesn’t know what his team’s logo looks like

Free agent tackle Branden Albert just signed a multi-year deal with the Dolphins. With his excitement, he tweeted this.

As noted by people on Twitter, that is the old Dolphins logo. Albert took notice and updated his tweet with a new photo of the Dolphins logo.

But sadly, he still got it wrong.

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Did Klay Thompson join Twitter just for a promotion and to boost merchandise sales for the Warriors?

The Warriors are having Social Media Night again and part of the night will feature these new shirts that feature the Twitter handles of the players.

It’s a great promotion and these shirts are cool. However, there was one thing that caught me by surprise and it was the timing of this and Klay Thompson’s “return” to Twitter. I was unaware that Thompson was ever on Twitter. In fact, he hasn’t been on Twitter until he miraculously revived it two days ago.

Prior to the All-Star break, Thompson did not have a Twitter account. The Warriors acknowledged this as part of their lineup announcement all season long.

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Comedian Jordan Peele Highlights the Best Names of National Signing Day


There was also Poona Ford that wasn’t included. But seriously, a kid’s name is Lion King?

Originally posted on Extra Mustard - SI.com:

Jordan Peele, one half of Key & Peele, the geniuses behind the East vs. West sketch, has taken to Twitter to highlight some of the stranger names of the high school seniors signing with college programs today. While none of them are quite Mergatroid Skittle, here is a selection of some of the best.

OK, maybe they are better than Mergatroid Skittle.

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Athletics unveil peek at new green jersey via Twitter

A mock of what the new green jersey will look like.

The Oakland Athletics teased some photos of their commercial shoots today and the above photo was shared on Twitter.

Notice in the background you see Coco Crisp’s #4 green jersey. It’s different than the regular green jersey they had been wearing in the past. They have the headspoon piping that goes around the neck and the number of the jersey is white with a gold trim.

This matches exactly what I predicted to be their jersey when their alternate cap was leaked.

I think it’s fine, although I wish the emphasis would be on the gold lettering, not the white lettering. But is this change necessary? Absolutely not. But in terms of marketing, the A’s need as much as they can and this is a new way to do it.

Surprised they would let this slide. But then again, teams have made these mistakes in the past.

Last night during the Super Bowl, people went to Twitter wondering who Bruno Mars is

If he just did a drum solo for the entire show, I would have loved it.

Bruno Mars, along with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, put together a pretty good performance. Not a great one, but a good one. For me, I don’t know anything about this guy. I had only heard about him, but I don’t know what songs he does. The only song I know is that annoying one where he goes “aw yeah yeah” a million times during the Pepsi commercial. And that was the first song he did during his set.

The NFL demographic isn’t the right fit for Mars. The Red Hot Chili Peppers is more fitting, but having Mars headline this big spectacle was a headscratcher. Does the average NFL fan even listen to this guy, let alone know who he is? I think he fits the 20-30 year-old female range.

Last night, there was a major Twitter reaction when Mars hit the stage — especially for the older generation. They wondered who this guy was.

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49er Faithful recall good and bad memories of Candlestick Park

Farewell, old friend.

Barring any major upsets in the playoffs, Monday’s home finale will be the final NFL game ever at Candlestick Park.

For many 49ers fans, the stadium holds a lot of memories of Hall of Fame players, unforgettable games and games that will live forever. But of course, the stadium isn’t all peachy. Traffic and weather had always been the biggest issues with fans at the game and it still remains today.

On Twitter, I asked for 49ers fans to share their memories (good or bad) about the stadium. Here’s their story:


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When Trolls Attack: True Stories of Athletes and Their Online Antagonists


I just read this even though it came out a week ago. I still am a young cub when it comes to Twitter. Even though my new position with the NFL Network is with social media, there is so much to learn about. One thing is how fans troll athletes. Sometimes it’s out of pure hate, and sometimes it’s done out of their own entertainment. Of course, most times these words would never be uttered in person but behind a screen, that doesn’t matter. When will the athlete and the fan learn that such actions get nowhere?

Originally posted on Extra Mustard - SI.com:

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 1.14.05 PM

Illustration by Darrow

This story originally appeared in the December 9 issue of Sports Illustrated. 

In the hot wet days of August, the literary community suffered three wrenching losses. Seamus Heaney, the great Irish poet and Nobel laureate, and Elmore Leonard, the American master of gritty crime fiction, both died. And distinguished man of letters Larry Wayne Jones Jr.—better known as Chipper—published his final microblog communique: “No more twitter for me. Said I’d do it for one year and the time is up. Too much hate and too many trolls. Much love to Braves country! Xo.”

Back in July 2012, Jones had jubilantly tweeted, “Hello all! Yes, the ol man finally got the twitta!” The Atlanta icon seemed to delight in the social-media platform’s possibilities, peppering his commentary on the Braves’ season with heretofore undiscovered locker room language (“yicketty,” “mammo”), insight (“I will not…

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