NBA fans see the Raptors’ baseline for the first time and go crazy

The baseline is tripping people out.

The Toronto Raptors have had their optical illusion baseline for a few seasons. But since they aren’t a big name team, casual fans probably have never watched a Raptors home game until today’s playoff opener.

Because of that, we saw some funny reactions on Twitter to the baseline.

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King new center court logo inspired by knights armor

Last night, the Kings played at home with the center court logo they’ve had for several seasons. You can get a better view from this highlight package.

But as you can see from the above tweet, it appears they’re changing the center court design to their primary logo.

But wait, there’s a slight change to it. The ball has been rotated (and darkened) and the logo features a new armor-like design. Expect for the mace, the entire logo is completely changed by this new design. It kind of reminds me of Rutgers’ helmet.

It’s a nice design and I am OK with it. But if they are going with the armor look, the rest of the court should feature it too. However, judging by the photo, it appears that the only change is at center court.

SJSU basketball’s new floor design has taken Sparta to a whole new level

What do you get when you mix two wood finishes, a large center court logo that isn’t centered and an image from the movie 300? You get this!

I’m not really big on these overly designed courts. They’re only nice if it isn’t too much of a gimmick. I know that the courts of the past in the NBA in the 1990s were like this, but they added character to the team. This one does, but it’s still a little too much for me.

First of all, I never liked having two finishes to the wood. Inside the arc is real dark and the rest is a lighter finish. I would much prefer it being the light one.

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You can’t put your #hashtag on the field anymore

Remember when we first saw a #hashtag end zone? Apparently now that will no longer be allowed.

As the above article tells us, it’s going to be very restrictive in what can and can’t be shown. Despite Twitter’s ever-growing popularity, the NCAA wants to maintain a certain image and it appears that having Twitter run over the place isn’t to their liking.

Of course, a team’s official logo is much better than having a #hashtag in the end zone. It’s more official and it’s about brand recognizability. In that sense, it makes sense. But in this time of age, how much longer can NCAA avoid it before it bites them back?

The #hashtag is a recruiting tool and a way to appeal to this generation of fans. It will be back. We’ve adapted to it. NCAA can’t avoid it. Twitter is too powerful right now and I don’t see it stopping.

Mississippi State started the trend of #hashtags on the field.

Boise State’s smurf turf now becoming a bigger issue that will affect other schools

No more all blue at home for Boise State?

Recently, Boise State had been told to not wear their all blue uniform set at home so it wouldn’t confuse the opposition. With the blue turf and a team wearing all blue, they believe that could be an advantage for the Broncos.

Now they are trying to make it an official rule that the all-blue monochrome look will never be worn at home.

With this rule in place, there now will be an issue for teams that wear green. Teams like Baylor, Colorado State and Oregon will also no longer be allowed to wear monochrome green at home. They too will be forced to wear some other combination so their uniforms don’t blend in with the green turf.

This seems like a fair compromise, but is it necessary? This rule really is all about Boise State. Is it really an issue if they wear monochrome blue at home? Is it that hard to watch?

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I miss funky court designs for basketball

Click the link to check out that floor design!

Sponsorship with Mexico. That’s fine.

Adding huge logo with other sponsors on the floor. That’s fine also.

But what caught my attention is that the Mavericks logo is part of the key. The Mavericks alternate logo for their D-League team isn’t a full circle. Part of the horse’s ear sticks out but that doesn’t matter to me at all. I love designs that incorporate unique elements that we don’t see anymore.

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Are the Reds getting flojo with their “LOS ROJOS” jerseys?

If this is true, pure cop-out. This has got to be another sign of stupid laziness.

And this is a shame because Major League Baseball has done pretty well in this department. There has only been one team to my knowledge that has gone “LOS” and that’s the Mets.

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Checking out the New Era flagship store in LA for the first time


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I didn’t realize that the New Era flagship store was right in West Hollywood. But I was in the area yesterday and thankfully they had a huge sign atop their entrance that caught my eye two blocks away.

As some of you may know, I love New Era caps and the fact that they had their flagship store out there was like a candystore for the kid inside me. What was great about this place was that it featured some really great collections of all their top caps but more importantly, the people there were so knowledgeable about caps in today’s society.

They had a display where they showed the evolution of the company’s design and logo. It was very nice.

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A perspective of the military appreciation efforts in the NFL

In Green Bay, fans put up cards to create this message.

As some of you know, I am a uniform geek and I frequent the UniWatch blog. Today’s entry had a very strong opinion about the NFL’s military appreciation efforts yesterday. I recommend you read it first before reading my thoughts on it.


After reading that, it struck me in a way that I had thought about before but never thought about seriously enough. Did the NFL push the envelope with all this propaganda for the military? Is it on the same level as the pink that went on last month for Breast Cancer Awareness?

Here are a few things about my opinion of war.

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NFL to use pink penalty flags — as suggested by 11-year-old fan — for Dolphins-Jets game on Sunday


This is an interesting development. Pink penalty flags for Breast Cancer Awareness month. After thinking about this for a bit, I wonder why this isn’t a permanent thing. Players wouldn’t over-pink their uniforms and the flags would be a subtle, but noticeable change. I am for it, although I don’t like having breast cancer awareness associated with intentional grounding. But I think it’s a pretty neat idea and we’ll see how it looks.

Originally posted on NFL Communications:

Marlboro, NJ Boy Made Recommendation in Letter to Commissioner Goodell

Pink penalty flags will be used in Sunday’s Dolphins-Jets game — the final weekend of Breast Cancer Awareness month — at MetLife Stadium.

The idea was suggested by 11-year old Dante Cano of Marlboro, NJ, a fifth-grade student at Asher Holmes Elementary School, in a letter (right) to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

“My name is Dante Cano. I am 11 years old and I am from Marlboro, New Jersey. I wanted to know if you could use my idea of pink penalty flags in October for breast cancer awareness,” Dante wrote. “Please write back.”

Commissioner Goodell invited Dante and his family to MetLife Stadium where they will present the pink penalty flags (below) to the officials prior to the game.

“Dante had a great idea and I am looking forward to meeting with him on Sunday to…

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