The NBA All-Star uniforms were inspired by the 1992 uniforms?

These are the new jerseys for the All-Star Game.

Adidas has released images and a press release pertaining to their NBA All-Star game uniforms set to be worn on February 26. According to the press release, these were inspired by the iconic uniform set from 1992 — also held in Orlando.

I don’t see the resemblance. Well, I can see that you have the team name sandwiching the numbers, but that’s it. And also it’s color versus color. But with Adidas, I am really disappointed with a lot of things they’ve done since taking over the NBA.

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The NBA product is so watered down that I can barely watch it

Save the energy during introductions because you need it for the game.

Basketball was the first sport I played and fell in love with and I have always been a huge Warriors fan. It was tough watching that team suck for so long until the We Believe playoffs. That ended up being the best sporting experience I ever went to.

Since then, mediocrity returned to the team and with all the changes that have been made, I didn’t think this team would do too much this year.

With the lockout, I hesitated to go to any games this season knowing that the product would not be that good. Trying to play four games in six nights can be a brutal experience for any athlete.

And when I went to watch the Warriors on Tuesday, that’s what I saw.

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