Jaguars going full black unis in 2013 and I don’t like it

Back in black?

Per new Jacksonville Jaguars Owner Shahid Khan, he announced that in 2013, the team will be the “flagship” team for Nike. The Jags will go all black in their uniform scheme and their teal jerseys will be their alternate.

That struck a real bad chord with me because as a Jaguars fan, I was really disappointed that the team moved away from their original set to what they wear now. But to make all black their new primary for 2013 sounds all bad.

Their previous look of black helmet, teal jersey and white pants was a modern classic. Then they brought in the all black look as an alternate (see above photo) and I was OK with that. At least they kept their original their primary.

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Super Bowl L is not going to be a problem unless you think of it as a problem

This looks fine to me I suppose.

The NFL supposedly has a problem on their hands. In four years, they will have Super Bowl L. Because of the current system in which the game is named after roman numerals, the 50th edition could cause some issues.

The culture in America is that the “L” is associated with the word “LOSER” and that’s not something that would fit well. No team wants to wear a big “L” on their shirt after winning the Super Bowl — let alone play a game that is associated with being a loser.

But what is the solution? How often do we actually associate the letter “L” with losing? In the world of sports, it’s more apparent. But what about outside of sports? Does it hold the same meaning?

There have been suggestions on what the NFL could do to remedy this potential disaster. Here are some that have been suggested and my idea.

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Thundersticks need to go away from basketball games

Thundersticks obstructed my view for most of the second half.

Last night I was at the Warriors game and in the second half, they passed out Thundersticks. I didn’t think too much of it until the fans started hitting them at any instance they could find.

When they Jazz had the ball, or was shooting from the line, or whenever the Warriors scored, the sticks made this really annoying sound. I am familiar with the sound, but it got really loud.

My problem with the Thundersticks is that it’s like the Terrible Towels or pom poms — it’s late. Real fans don’t need these kinds of things to cheer. Even though these Thundersticks were made to distract the opposition during free throws, it really doesn’t make a real difference. It isn’t really a distraction.

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