Super Bowl L is not going to be a problem unless you think of it as a problem

This looks fine to me I suppose.

The NFL supposedly has a problem on their hands. In four years, they will have Super Bowl L. Because of the current system in which the game is named after roman numerals, the 50th edition could cause some issues.

The culture in America is that the “L” is associated with the word “LOSER” and that’s not something that would fit well. No team wants to wear a big “L” on their shirt after winning the Super Bowl — let alone play a game that is associated with being a loser.

But what is the solution? How often do we actually associate the letter “L” with losing? In the world of sports, it’s more apparent. But what about outside of sports? Does it hold the same meaning?

There have been suggestions on what the NFL could do to remedy this potential disaster. Here are some that have been suggested and my idea.

The NFL used to have customized logos for all their Super Bowls. But starting last year, they have decided on one template and for the first time, included an image of the Lombardi Trophy.

They might need to change up their approach when the 50th Super Bowl comes around. One suggestion is that they make a new logo and instead of using Roman numerals, use the numeric system we’re all used to seeing: Super Bowl 50.

It might work because UFC also uses numerals for their pay-per-views and for the NFL, they’ll have another 50 years to determine what to do with Super Bowl 100.

The site of Super Bowl L has yet to be determined and there have been discussions that Los Angeles and London as possible sites for the game. Associating the host city’s and the letter “L” might be some great convenience.

One idea that had been used before was for Super Bowl XL. The nickname for that game was “Super Bowl X-Large” and maybe for Super Bowl L, they’ll call it the largest Super Bowl in history.

Maybe they should just use an image of Samuel L. Jackson and let it be done.

The best solution for the NFL is to not make a big deal out of it. The more attention they bring to it, the bigger the issue would be. Possibly having the game in Los Angeles or London would be nice, but ultimately, the name of the Super Bowl is bigger than the letter “L”.

In making the logo, either the L isn’t larger than the words “Super Bowl” to keep it subtle or maybe the “L” should be very large and the words “Super Bowl” run right in front of it.

In any rate, the NFL does have an issue on their hands but it’s not as big as they’re making it to be. It’s the Super Bowl and no matter what Roman numeral follows the name, it’s still the Super Bowl.


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