Thundersticks need to go away from basketball games

Thundersticks obstructed my view for most of the second half.

Last night I was at the Warriors game and in the second half, they passed out Thundersticks. I didn’t think too much of it until the fans started hitting them at any instance they could find.

When they Jazz had the ball, or was shooting from the line, or whenever the Warriors scored, the sticks made this really annoying sound. I am familiar with the sound, but it got really loud.

My problem with the Thundersticks is that it’s like the Terrible Towels or pom poms — it’s late. Real fans don’t need these kinds of things to cheer. Even though these Thundersticks were made to distract the opposition during free throws, it really doesn’t make a real difference. It isn’t really a distraction.

But as I sat in the crowd, I realized that the Thundersticks is more annoying to the fans (me) than the players. The players probably can’t hear or even see much of it under the darkness. But for the fans, it was so hard to hear and pay attention to the game. It obstructed my vision and actually made the game less enjoyable.

I’m all for teams giving out things to fans to enhance their experience. But the Thundersticks are one thing that doesn’t really make anything better. It just makes the game harder to watch.

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