My Top 5 favorite Super Bowl commercials from today

The show wasn't great, but it wasn't that bad either.

Let me begin this post by first saying that Madonna’s halftime performance was a clear upgrade over what nonsense the Black Eyed Peas gave us last year. Sure she was lip-syncing and and all, but the visual was very nice with the lights. And unlike BEP, it was actually good music.

I am not saying that Madonna was a great performance, but she doesn’t compare to legendary shows put on by Michael Jackson, Prince and Tom Petty. I am hoping that the game continues to give us classic artists instead of nonsense current artists like BEP.

It’ll be for the best.

But the bigger attraction to the day were the commercials. There were some pretty good ones but these are the five that stood out to me.

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After watching the Super Bowl, I think it’s very clear on what an “elite quarterback” is

Eli Manning is elite. There is no doubt about it.

You can call Eli Manning an elite quarterback now. Actually, we should have been calling him elite for the past couple seasons.

After Manning just led his New York Giants to another Super Bowl victory, the quarterback was named as the game’s MVP and quite possibly silenced every doubter that has criticized him.

Throughout this season, there had been debate as to what an elite quarterback is and if Manning qualified for that status. San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith is elite according to his head coach. Are both Manning and Smith elite? Well, after today, the definition of elite has become real clear.

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The Super Bowl is here and that means it’s time for me to eat up

Whoever created this is a genius!

The Super Bowl is today and the most important thing to get out of it is the food that we eat. Sure the game and sometimes the commercial are relevant, but today is the day that we eat potato chips, burgers and pretty much all the junk food we can think of.

In previous Super Bowl parties, I have made non-finger foods. I think my best creation was the mac & cheese that has now become one of the hottest tickets whenever I go to potlucks.

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Manny Ramirez to the A’s is a good and bad idea

I'm indifferent about the A's signing this guy.

The news for the Oakland A’s right now is that they are interested in Magglio Ordóñez for a potential spot for the open designated hitter position. This comes a few days after it was reported that the A’s and Orioles are also in serious discussion with Manny Ramirez.

This is a very strange situation because the A’s already have a loaded outfield, so they know that if they sign either Ordóñez or Ramirez, they would serve only as the designated hitter. Ordóñez would be an OK second option, but I think Ramirez is the one to consider.

On one hand, he can help bring ticket sales and could still be a reliable hitter despite having a terrible last few years. But then again, would the A’s want to deal with the 50-game suspension and potentially welcome a disaster to their locker room?

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