My Top 5 favorite Super Bowl commercials from today

The show wasn't great, but it wasn't that bad either.

Let me begin this post by first saying that Madonna’s halftime performance was a clear upgrade over what nonsense the Black Eyed Peas gave us last year. Sure she was lip-syncing and and all, but the visual was very nice with the lights. And unlike BEP, it was actually good music.

I am not saying that Madonna was a great performance, but she doesn’t compare to legendary shows put on by Michael Jackson, Prince and Tom Petty. I am hoping that the game continues to give us classic artists instead of nonsense current artists like BEP.

It’ll be for the best.

But the bigger attraction to the day were the commercials. There were some pretty good ones but these are the five that stood out to me.

1 – Clint Eastwood should be president after this commercial

It wasn’t a funny commercial that caught our attention or any real new product that we had been waiting for. Instead this commercial touched the heart of America as it reminded us on what this country is about. Like the Eminem commercial from last year, the commercial was heart grabbing. It was powerful and it really stood out.

2 – You didn’t see nuthin

This came on early on in the game and I found myself laughing. The fact that Doritos is always looking for a quick funny commercial made this one perfect. The man probably didn’t care about the cat. He cares about his dog — his best friend. Simple and funny.

3 – Oh sweet seduction

Of course, sex sells and people are buying. There was that flower commercial with Adriana Lima and that no-pants David Beckham commercial. But this one was the best in terms of getting the attention of the audience because it kept them interested. As the commercial went on, I kept wondering what was being advertised. This was funny and memorable.

4 – Naked candy

Some think this might be the best commercial of the day. It was done real well. It introduced a new kind of M&M to the public but yet at the same time, had the silliness of Red help establish this candy. Overall, it taps into the wondering of what’s underneath the shell.

5 – The history of the NFL

I am a huge history buff when it comes to the NFL, the uniforms and everything. This commercial didn’t really have a real product to promote except for the league itself. But the commercial was done so well that it makes you want more football despite the Super Bowl being the last game we’ll see until August. Nicely done.

Honorable mention:

I liked the commercial that featured “Here We Go” the rescue dog. I love dogs and getting that message out to the public was good. Also, the new Avengers movie caught my attention because I love Captain America.

Also, a huge shout out to Met Life for getting all my favorite cartoons all into one commercial.

What was your favorite commercial from the day? (You can watch them all here).

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