Can someone explain to me why snapback caps are back in fashion?

Snapback caps were cool 20 years ago.

If you have been living under a rock the past year or so, you might not have noticed that snapback caps are now fashionable.

I don’t even know when the trend started, but bringing back something that was popular 20 years ago makes little sense. Of course, recycling fashion is common in sports and basically elsewhere.

My problem with snapbacks is why it’s so popular.

Back when snapbacks were made, they weren’t called snapbacks. They were just regular caps. They were made because they were cheaper, easier to produce and it was one size fits all.

Then after that, caps started to have an elastic around the band. That was a technological improvement and thus caps started to feature that. Eventually, the caps then gave way to the fitted style and it was good. The evolution of caps continued to move forward.

But now, people are wearing these snapback caps again and paying twice the amount they’re actually worth. What makes them popular now?

These caps feature very large letters of the team name on the front. They sometimes feature the logo somewhere. But ultimately, it’s just screaming late-80s/early-90s. Is that’s what’s hip and happening?

Hipsters these days are walking around looking like Steve Urkel — another product of the 90s. Are people just choosing these fashion statements because everyone else is doing it? It’s the it thing.

I am all for reliving history and for me, a cap collector, I embrace it. But somehow I feel that buying newly made snapback caps is like cheating.

If you’re going to wear one, why not wear one that was actually produced in the 1990s? Wear the cap that was cheaply made, not the new ones that feature $40 worth of fabric material. And if you do decide to get a snapback, get one of a design that actually existed.

Maybe I’m not “hip” enough to understand. Or maybe I’m just getting too old for this stuff.


7 thoughts on “Can someone explain to me why snapback caps are back in fashion?

  1. i agree with your post. i dont get it, you pay $30-$40 for something that clearly isnt that much. I guess it is time to open the boxes in the basement to see if there and any hats from the 90’s that i can sell on ebay.

  2. Hi 100% agree, im pro fitted hats all day, its seems like the snap back trend only fits well with little mainstream tight jean wearin highschoolers. But sheeple are gonna be sheeple and wear what ever is popular.
    Fitteds are for pros
    Snapbacks are for little leagers

  3. it’s a look, pure a simple. the tiniest design feature can change the overall aesthetic greatly. the fitted cap look was in for awhile, cuz it was part of hiphop culture/fashion becoming mainstream… and trying to be street but clean-cut. in the last few years, a new middleground between underground and mainstream has developed into a new ‘indie’/mixtape/hipster hiphop movement, that often looks to classic/vintage inspiration both in sound and look. snapbacks have a more casual & carefree feel to em… you don’t have to go searching for the correct sized hat that fits you… it looks less try-hard. and thus it’s back in… b/c the new cool is trying to look like you didnt try so hard… like you threw some stuff together and it came out phenomenal.

  4. I think the snapbacks are made because they fit better.
    – You can adjust the size.

    There are many different caps today, so you have to call is something: Snapback, because of the snap in the back.

    • I just want to point out that everyone keep talking about them being one size fits all but there are other one size fits all hats. There are velcro and the ones with the adjustable buckle in the back. so if it is one size fits all that is the appeal why not those as well?

  5. lol you people are so sad, really? arguing over what people wear? If you don’t like snapbacks fair enough but why does it affect your life if others like it lol?. people can wear whatever they want to wear

  6. I’m pissed because I always wore them when everyone wore fitted. I was too broke to buy all new hats. I also wore baggy pants with scrunchies around the ankles so I could show off my shoes. Now there are skinny jeans… WTF. I liked being different but now it’s the style. At least my one size fits all have the green under bill, so you know it’s original. Guess I might need fitted hats now.

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