Big House to get next Winter Classic and false hopes of it coming West

Will the commissioner bring the game out West?

The big announcement today from the NHL was that next year’s Winter Classic will take place at the Big House, home of the University of Michigan Wolverines. This is a very nice venue and I expect it to be a great turnout.

They’ve held hockey games in this stadium before and have drawn over 100,000 in attendance. This Winter Classic should have no problem drawing that crowd since it is Hockeytown.

The matchup between the Wings and the Leafs should be good too. Well, the Leafs aren’t that great of a team but they are the big Canadian team and it will surely draw a lot of interest going up against one of the league’s most consistent teams.

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The unfair comparison between Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow

Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow both have cult followers in their sport.

Apparently there have been comparisons between Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow recently. Why that is, I have no idea. The two aren’t even playing the same sport, so where does the comparison even begin?

  • Tebow was a two-time champion in college football. Lin’s team never made the NCAA tournament.
  • Tebow won the Heisman for being the best in his sport. Lin was never considered the best basketball player in college.
  • Tebow was a top draft pick despite his “unconventional” style. Lin wasn’t even drafted and features a “normal” style of his play.
  • Tebow has played for one team. Lin has played for four teams in less than two seasons.
  • Tebow got starting experience in his rookie year. Lin never started a game in his rookie year.
  • Tebow has taken his team to the playoffs. Lin has not done that.

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