The unfair comparison between Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow

Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow both have cult followers in their sport.

Apparently there have been comparisons between Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow recently. Why that is, I have no idea. The two aren’t even playing the same sport, so where does the comparison even begin?

  • Tebow was a two-time champion in college football. Lin’s team never made the NCAA tournament.
  • Tebow won the Heisman for being the best in his sport. Lin was never considered the best basketball player in college.
  • Tebow was a top draft pick despite his “unconventional” style. Lin wasn’t even drafted and features a “normal” style of his play.
  • Tebow has played for one team. Lin has played for four teams in less than two seasons.
  • Tebow got starting experience in his rookie year. Lin never started a game in his rookie year.
  • Tebow has taken his team to the playoffs. Lin has not done that.

Could it be that both these players have Christian backgrounds? When asked about Tebow, Lin told 95.7 The Game on how he looks up to Tebow.

I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration just because he’s a polarizing figure and the things he says in interviews and his approach to the game is just unbelievable and I respect him so much and I actually want to be able to do some of the things he does in terms of the amount of charity work and nonprofit work and the way he impacts people off the field. That is what is most inspiring to me about him.

Tebow has been talked about so much because of the national media’s obsession with him. ESPN pushes it down our throat. But both are so different.

Comparing those two just doesn’t make much sense. It’s really unfair to compare Lin to Tebow. It’s even more unfair to compare Tebow to ESPN’s Tebow.

The Wall Street Journal says that the obsession stems that both were low on the depth chart, and when gotten the opportunity, has led the team to wins. (But that has happened before in sports). The faith background is a factor too, but ultimately, there isn’t really much comparisons between the two.

Both are just so different kind of athletes. In terms of personalities, both are good people. In their sport, both are very smart at what they do. But to call Lin the NBA’s version of Tebow is just reaching for something that isn’t there.

The only thing I can see why both are compared is because both are getting ridiculous amount of hype. And the hype itself doesn’t make much sense either. But if the media and fans are buying into it, then this thing will end up like Tebowmania.

And as long as ESPN and the national media continues to run the hype machine around Lin, he’ll continue to get the Tebow treatment — even though it’s not warranted.

Let’s take Tebow for who he is and let’s take Lin for who he is. That’s the only fair thing to do.


** I am a Jeremy Lin supporter and I am happy to see him have success. But I am not going to go all wild just yet over it. He still has a lot of growing to go. His last three games were against the 4th, 5th and 7th worst defense in the league. I want to see a little more against stiff competition first. Then if he continues to play well, then the hype is warranted. But right now after only three games, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

One thought on “The unfair comparison between Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow

  1. Agreed. Still, the biggest difference between the two is Tebow captivated the American media and the country. Meanwhile, Lin has done the same and added the world to his resume. The NFL is king in the U.S., but more play and undertand basketball more.

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