Today’s NBA court designs are so dull and uncreative

What a clutter.

There has been a trend in the NBA court designs and it involves lots of plain, dull looks. As I continue to watch NBA games, it feels like this trend has started to spread out of control.

Take a look at the above court design. It’s so dull and boring. The baseline is just a plain wood finish and the outside the 3-point line, it’s another wood finish. What ever happened to adding color?

A lot of other court designs are starting to change its court features to be very plain. Here are some that I don’t like very much: Wolves, Pacers, Rockets, Raptors and Suns.

The plain wood designs and bare baselines just really makes it feel like the design team wasn’t even trying.  And with the two-tone design separating the baseline and rest of the court makes the visual look so unbalanced. (The Wizards look so unbalanced.)

Whatever happened to a simple baseline design with a colored key? Look at the Suns court and it makes you wonder if they just ran out of paint to add some color to the design.

There are teams that do get it right like Celtics, Bulls and Warriors that keep it simple and classic.

But what I really long for is a court design to be creative. Classic is fine but the court designs I really liked was the old Charlotte Hornets court. And before the half circle was added into the key, they had the honey comb design and I thought that was the most brilliant thing ever.

The old Houston Rockets court design and the Philadelphia 76ers court had something unique about it. It stood out.

I am not saying that all teams should have some funky design on their floor. A simple classic look is fine, but maybe add some flavor to it. But this trend of eliminating color and identity just isn’t visually pleasing.

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