Maybe the NHL should make the home teams wear white again

If you missed it from yesterday, the Detroit Red Wings wore their white jerseys at home. That’s big news since the NHL mandates that the home team wears their dark jerseys. (I know it’s happened several times in the past couple years, but all were because of monumental celebrations. This was a little unexpected.)

In that same game, the Wings won their 20th straight home game. I think that might have factored into their decision into wearing white (not sure). And I think it looked very nice.

White at home was normal protocol until the league changed it for the 2002-03 season. And I have grown used to that rule since the majority of my hockey love happened a couple years after.

But could it get to the point where all other teams are starting to be given options of what to wear at home? For example, would the Red Wings decide to wear white at home for the rest of the year if they could?

It’s like the NFL where the home teams can wear whatever uniform combination they want. Other leagues, to the best of my knowledge, can only do that kind of switcheroo every once in a while.

As a native of the Bay Area, my initial thought would be the San Jose Sharks and what it would be like if they wore white at home. I think it would look real nice. But then again, I’ve grown to love that teal jersey when I get to the Tank.

One thing I do like about white jerseys in any sport is that it makes the players look faster. And especially in hockey on that ice, white just looks so much slicker. Looking back at the previous times in the past couple years with the Sabres and Flames, I like it.

So if the NHL is starting to give a little wiggle room on when to wear whites, I hope at least a few other teams follow the Wings, Sabres and Flames. Maybe the trend will begin and we’re back to the old days.

(Maybe Gary Bettman is being a little lenient on this and maybe now there is no official rule on it. I need to look into that.)

4 thoughts on “Maybe the NHL should make the home teams wear white again

  1. Home teams should be in light colour jerseys. This change made by the powers that be or may not be, was and is wrong. The hero is always in white. I want my team back in the light home jerseys.

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  3. From 1917-1970, the home team had first choice of jerseys, mostly wearing colored jerseys at home between 1917 and 1967. By the start of the 1967-68 season, the Kings and the Golden Seals wore their gold/white jerseys at home for most of the games,and the purple/green at road games. The Blues and the Rangers followed suit for the 1968-69 season, and the Red Wings and Flyers wore white at home for the 1969-70 season. In June 1970, the NHL decided that all teams must wear white at home. In 1995, the third jersey program was introduced, and some teams decided to wear white uniforms on the road when the home teams wore the third jerseys. This was partially resolved in 2003-04, when most teams wore colored uniforms at home, but not fully resolved until after the lockout in 2005-06, when all teams were required to wear colored uniforms at home. The ECHL requires all teams wear dark home jerseys starting in the 2012-13 season.

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