With news of more surgeries, I wouldn’t get near Peyton Manning

With¬†news of new surgeries¬†surfacing, Peyton Manning’s football future doesn’t seem too bright. In fact, it’s time for him to walk away.

One of the toughest things that athletes contemplate towards the end of their careers is whether not they should step away or go for it for one more year.

Brett Favre stuck around too long. Steve Young walked away when he knew he had to stop.

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LeBron James says return to Cavaliers is a possibility and I believe him

A popular shirt to wear in Cleveland.

You can file this in the “Say What?” category. LeBron James has once again openly said that a return to the Cleveland Cavaliers is a possibility. James is under the impression that if he returns, that the “fans would accept me”.

Well, it’s hard to imagine James back in Cleveland would ever happen. After “The Decision” ripped out the city’s hearts. After the beef that he and Dan Gilbert have. It’s hard to see it as a real possibility.

But I actually think it can happen. It won’t happen anytime soon. But maybe if James goes on a last leg of his tour in his career and signs a one-year deal before he retires to play one season for the Cavs.

I was in Cleveland a month after “The Decision” was made and the city was hurt. People there were just so sad that they lost their homegrown product. And it will take time for them to get over it. And it will take time for James to mature as a player and person before both sides can get together again.

It’s not crazy to see James back in a Cleveland uniform. But it’s going to be when the city is healed and the team is back on its feet, ready to welcome back their supposed prodigal son.