To help sell a baseball video game that nobody cares about, just add Kate Upton

Baseball is my favorite sport and I enjoy playing sports games. But when it comes to baseball video games, I just can’t find myself being very impressed with it. With both MLB 2K and The Show, both are fun games but neither stand out.

Since I own an XBOX 360, the 2K series is the one I end up getting. Last year I got MLB 2K11 and I was not impressed at all. With glitches and a very unchallenging gameplay, I just didn’t really enjoy the entire game at all.

I don’t expect this new MLB 2K12 to be any much better. So the series apparently is using very popular model Kate Upton to help promote their new game. I don’t know how much her presence would help sell the game, but at least we can assume people know it exists.