ESPN’s racist headline to Knicks loss using image of Jeremy Lin

Already dumb headline has racist touch to it.

On ESPN’s mobile page, they had this headline for the Knicks’ loss to the Hornets from Friday — ending New York’s seven-game winning streak.

And as you can see, with the hype around Jeremy Lin and his image in the photo, ESPN decides to go with “Chink in the Armor” as their headline.

No need for me to explain why that is viewed as racist. The use of the word “chink” in this situation is just a bad idea. I am not overly offended by this. Maybe it’s because I think it could have been an honest mistake.

The term “chink in the armor” has been used by ESPN numerous times in the past to describe a team’s struggles and it’s totally fine. But in all honesty, this was not a good headline to use for this situation at all.

Even if they used this headline to describe another game that had nothing to do with Jeremy Lin, it’s still a very stupid headline. It just doesn’t work with the story.

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