My only concern with Nike taking over the NFL uniforms

Sweat absorbs to only certain fabrics on the jersey, thus giving the jersey an unbalanced look.

On April 1, Nike will officially take over as the outfitter for all NFL uniforms. Teams are expected to have received shipments of these new uniforms for the players on that day.

Some teams will get completely new uniforms (Seattle) while some teams are just going through a logo change (Carolina). But all the teams will have some minor tweaks to their uniforms (like team slogans).

None of this has really alarmed me except for one thing: the fabric. Before the season ended, I asked the 49ers equipment crew about the new Nike jerseys and I was informed that for the 49ers, the only change their uniforms will be getting is that their fabric will be same as the college jerseys.

That’s not too bad except when I looked at Nike jerseys in college, I was alarmed by a very common trend.

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