My only concern with Nike taking over the NFL uniforms

Sweat absorbs to only certain fabrics on the jersey, thus giving the jersey an unbalanced look.

On April 1, Nike will officially take over as the outfitter for all NFL uniforms. Teams are expected to have received shipments of these new uniforms for the players on that day.

Some teams will get completely new uniforms (Seattle) while some teams are just going through a logo change (Carolina). But all the teams will have some minor tweaks to their uniforms (like team slogans).

None of this has really alarmed me except for one thing: the fabric. Before the season ended, I asked the 49ers equipment crew about the new Nike jerseys and I was informed that for the 49ers, the only change their uniforms will be getting is that their fabric will be same as the college jerseys.

That’s not too bad except when I looked at Nike jerseys in college, I was alarmed by a very common trend.

As you notice in the above photo, different types of fabric are used in the jerseys. A portion of the jersey stays dry while another portion of it absorbs the sweat. As the game progresses, sweat will end up being absorbed in only certain parts of the jersey thus causing the jersey to look like it’s two colors.

When the game begins, it’s barely noticeable. But towards the end, you get the above photo. Those Boise State jerseys were entirely light grey when the game began.

Based on what I have been told, the NFL uniforms is expected to use the same fabric and template as the college uniforms. Unless something has changed since I have been told that, this might be the potential visual we’ll see for NFL jerseys in 2012.

Imagine the 49ers playing at home and as the game progresses, the part of some players jerseys remain cherry red while another portion gets soaked and becomes a crimson red. (Look at #91 in this photo.)

One thing that would look really strange is the sweat-absorbent fabric right in front of the jersey under the numbers.

There is a square of sweat on this Nike jersey.

As you can see in the above photo, it looks like there is just a dark square on the jersey. It just looks out of place. It looks like a Teletubby.

So as Nike takes over the NFL uniforms, this is one thing that I am concerned about. Would I want to see a bunch of Teletubbies on the football field? From what I have gathered from these Nike uniforms, I am afraid that the trend will continue.

Maybe I am wrong and Nike fixes it up. But knowing Nike, expect the unexpected and be prepared for anything and everything. We’ll see in April.

6 thoughts on “My only concern with Nike taking over the NFL uniforms

  1. Good points, but Nike and the NFL have been testing the jerseys forever — it won’t happen. And I think the color changing during the course of a game is a bit out of context….you use grey jerseys as an example — have you ever worked out in grey t-shirts?????? They accentuate the sweat marks, etc…it’s gonna be OK. Your biggest concern should be the absurd pricing of the new jerseys for fans.

  2. You were funny with the teletubbies remark. Lol. Interesting point of view about the new uniforms. I didnt realize that. Why NFL players are going to look like college football? There should always be a distinction between the both only Nike had to step in and make our eyes thinking it’s college football?? Lmao!

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