The Manny Ramirez circus in Oakland will be quite a scene

Get your popcorn ready Oakland A’s fans because we’re in for a treat this year. With the A’s signing Manny Ramirez to a minor league deal, the ballclub is preparing themselves for a potential circus act in the 2012 season.

First, Ramirez has to pass the physical, make the roster and serve his 50-game suspension before even making any impact for the A’s this year.

But after all that’s said and done, the team’s $500,000 investment will attract fans to the stadium and whether or not the A’s are winning, it’s going to be must-see baseball.

The contract in itself is a very low-risk move and the A’s could cut Ramirez anytime and not be hurt financially. But if Ramirez does show that he still has it, the A’s will now add some potential hope to a season that didn’t look promising. With Ramirez, the team adds another veteran to the team that know what it takes to win the in the postseason.

Past history suggests that Ramirez will not be quiet at all. His well-documented antics in Boston and Los Angeles, even his abrupt retirement last year are part of the package in getting Ramirez. The man loves to have fun and he will try his best to make the Oakland A’s clubhouse fun.

But the Athletics’ main concern right now is whether or not Ramirez still has any quality baseball left in the tank. Ramirez is eligible to return a day before his 40th birthday and all eyes will be on what the former World Series MVP has left. Is his bat speed still there? Will he give an all out effort?

At least for the A’s, they’re adding some spice to their unknown roster. With veterans like Bartolo Colon and Coco Crisp on the roster, the team hopes they can infuse some life into a young squad. And with Ramirez, maybe the team won’t be a pushover this season.

Eventually, the A’s are looking to develop their young talent and Ramirez will have to take a step back for those players to develop. But at least early on, Ramirez will be the main attraction and the seats in Oakland will fill up  just to see what Ramirez will do next.

Don’t expect anything to change with Ramirez’s personality. It will always be Manny being Manny and we expect nothing less from him.

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