I really wish curling was a more popular sport in America

During the Winter Olympics in 2010, I was finally exposed to the rules of curling. I had known about the sport before from the movie “Help!” by The Beatles. (Here’s the clip).

Of course that clip taught me absolutely nothing about the sport. So when the Olympics came around, I was determined to learn about the rules of the game. After only watching a couple matches, I already got hooked.

The idea of the game is pretty simple. The team with the stones closest to the center of the target get points for the round. And at the end of the game, the team with the most points win.

What I like so much about curling is that it combines a lot of elements of a lot of different things that I enjoy. The throwing of the stones is similar to bowling in which it’s all about placement and the results of ricochets off other stones. The sweeping is like a quick game of building a path for the stone to reach its goal. And ultimately, it’s a game of strategy.

It’s not an easy sport and I wish that I could actually get a chance to play one day. But because it’s not a very popular sport here in America, my exposure to it is limited and there are very few opportunities for me to watch it.

I would like to one day get a chance to play it. I know that in Canada it’s more popular up there and I would like to get a chance to watch it on a more frequent basis.

But for now, I guess it’s really just these YouTube clips and the Winter Olympics where I can get my fix.

The next sport for me to learn is cricket. I already know half the rules already. Time for me to learn the rest.

One thought on “I really wish curling was a more popular sport in America

  1. Don’t know if you get TV coverage of Scotties Tournament of Hearts (Women’s Curling Championships) but it is on this weekend. Also Tim Horton’s Briers (Men’s Curling Championship) is coming up soon too! Glad to see more curling fans out there.

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