I just took the Wonderlic test and I am smarter than Philip Rivers

I am smarter than Philip Rivers, but for me, you can't measure street smarts.

I never thought of the Wonderlic test as something that’s difficult. Most of the questions there are basic things that I remember from my freshman year in high school.

Most of the questions are common sense and I am usually very surprised at how long some scores end up being for some football players. But of course, I personally do not do well on tests regardless of how well I actually know the material.

I think the Wonderlic test actually tests how well you know how to take a test than actually knowing the material.

I just took a Wonderlic test and I tested better than Philip Rivers. But of course, this test was timed so I had to rush through all of them. I didn’t even get a chance to finish the last question.

Let me know what your score is by taking the test here.

Ryan Braun is technically clean, but we won’t see it that way anymore

Ryan Braun is clean, but his image is tainted.

With Ryan Braun’s successful appeal of the 50-game suspension, Braun will not miss any time during the regular season and all his achievements from the 2011 season, including his MVP award, are not tainted.

But his image is now.

Because of the snafu of the testing process, the technicality of the entire ordeal has now put a cloud of Bruan’s image. And with the harsh criticism that previous athletes related to PEDs have received, Braun is in for the same criticism for the remainder of his career.

It’s still unknown whether or not the delayed delivery made any real difference in the high testosterone levels found in Braun’s sample. But because of the error in the entire process, Braun is clean from the accusation but isn’t clean in the eyes of Major League Baseball.

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