There’s no real excitement in the slam dunk contest anymore

I remember back in the day when the dunk contest used to be a real entertaining part of the NBA All-Star weekend. I still remember watching the dunk contest from Vince Carter and was blown away by such a fantastic performance.

But for a while, it wasn’t all that fun. It was nice seeing Jason Richardson win back to back titles. But I think it was in 2006 when Andre Iguodala was robbed of the title when I started to not care so much about the contest.

As you guys remember, Iguodala put on a great show but Nate Robinson won the contest despite going over his time limit on dunks. And when I saw that, I knew that the dunk contest was losing its flair.

The only reason why Robinson won was because he was a novelty. He was a short player that would make a pretty cool storyline if he had won. That’s why they allowed him to break the rules and still win.

And that just really took away the flash from the contest. Even last year, Blake Griffin’s car dunk wasn’t all that impressive, yet he won because it would have been a better storyline.

I don’t even know who is in this year’s contest and I am OK if I miss it today. I guess it doesn’t really matter because the dunk contest isn’t really based on dunks anymore, rather just what would sound better for the front page of the sports website.

Well, maybe they do put on a good show today. But it won’t compare to this:

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