Heath Bell apparently is left handed and the Marlins uniforms are very bad

Heath Bell is left handed and Carlos Zambrano looks silly in the new uniform.

I do enjoy the player photos teams before the start of spring training games. For the most part, it’s first time we see new faces in their new uniforms and it’s pretty neat to see how they look.

Browsing through the log of wire photos, I noticed a couple very interesting photos from Marlins camp.

As you can see in the photo of Heath Bell, apparently he decided to take all his photos as a left-hander. Bell throws and bats with his right, yet in the photo, he holds the ball with his left hand and has a glove made for southpaws. I am not sure if I missed something, but I know that in San Diego, Bell pitched with his right.

But of course, these photos can be silly and this is right up Bell’s alley.

I had already seen the Miami Marlins’ new uniform set before but I had never actually seen it worn as a full set up close. I remember seeing the team debuting the duds several months back but I never noticed all the details until now.

Looking at Carlos Zambrano, the first thing that stood out to me was the collar and how the orange piping made it look like one out of place necklace. It isn’t so bad but it really isn’t necessary.

Then what really caught my attention was the usage of the first “M” in Miami.

The “Moves Like Jagger  ‘M’” appears three times on the uniform set. One on the cap, one on the front script and once on the sleeve. That’s overkill on a uniform set. I would much prefer if the sleeve featured an alternate logo that wasn’t the letter “M”.

But with this overkill of the “Jagger M”, it reminds me of what the Angels are wearing. The Department of Redundancy Department must love this, but I don’t need to look at the Angels uniform and start worrying about my car insurance.

I do think that at least with the Marlins, they have a unique color set and I do really like their orange caps. But the uniform set as a whole isn’t all that great and the design is flawed. But if you have silly guys like Heath Bell and Ozzie Guillen on the team, I guess it fits them perfectly.

One thought on “Heath Bell apparently is left handed and the Marlins uniforms are very bad

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