Miguel Tejada wants to return to the Athletics? No thanks.

These were some good memories.

So let me get this straight: The A’s need a third baseman with the injury to Scott Sizemore and Miguel Tejada thinks he’s the answer?

It appears that Tejada is looking for one last “hurrah” in his career but there is nothing that he has done recently that suggests that this would be a good move for the Athletics.

His tenure with the San Francisco Giants last season was a disaster and his performance in the Dominican League this offseason was unimpressive. What’s worse about it is that Tejada is possibly 37 years old and that is not a very good age for someone to be productive at the hot corner.

Another thing to consider is that the A’s are in a rebuilding mode. The team is hoping to establish their younger players for their potential  future in San Jose. Even though the A’s did sign an aging Manny Ramirez, the team is not investing too much money in him and Ramirez could actually help the A’s.

The A’s are investing in Ramirez because they truly believe that he can help fill a void in their designated hitter spot. But for Tejada, there is no way the organization believes that he can be the answer to their vacant third baseman position.

A few seasons ago, Billy Beane brought back former player Jason Giambi in hopes that he could bring some fans to the Coliseum and hope that Giambi still had something left in him. Giambi didn’t even make it to the end of the season on the team’s roster.

Oakland is hoping to avoid another disaster like that.

Even though Tejada has said that he wants to return back to his roots, there is just no room for him. It just doesn’t seem like that’s the direction the A’s want to go with their issue.

I would expect that at least Beane will think about this proposal but ultimately decide against it. The team will already work Josh Donaldson into the mix, but maybe getting a younger player from outside the organization seems more likely. Beane will look through every team’s roster and see if there is a third baseman that doesn’t have a set position on a team.

Ironically, this is the 10-year anniversary of that magical “Moneyball” season and the team has already made plans to celebrate key players from that team. Tejada was instrumental that season, winning the AL MVP award and it would be a nice storyline to have him back with the A’s for one final season.

But the only time I think Tejada will put on an A’s uniform again is when they invite him back to celebrate that 20-game winning streak during the weekend of August 17-19. It will be a time to celebrate what he once was and what he no longer is.

With that, the A’s will finally be able to move on from the glory years of the past and Tejada will be given the same opportunity to do so as well.

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