The Cleveland Indians have a uniform identity problem

Why are the Indians wearing their old uniforms?

I was looking through the new individual photos for MLB teams when I came across the above image of Shin-Soo Choo. Then I looked through other images of his teammates and I noticed something very strange about their uniforms.

In the images, they are wearing their 2011 uniforms, not the new ones they are slated to wear for this upcoming season.

This is the new uniform set for the 2012 season.

The piping has been removed from the original jersey and the outline around the team name is also reduced in the new set.

I wonder why the team would take photos in their old uniforms. Isn’t the goal of these photos to present the new faces and new uniforms?

In fact, this isn’t the only issue I have with the Indians’ uniform set. I think their overall look is very confusing and it shows that the team has no identity.

Identity problems for the Indians.

Last year, the team debuted these four jerseys for usage in the 2011 season. The white and blue road jerseys were from years past and the cream jersey was used as a throwback alternate for Sundays. The road gray jersey was a new look and I thought it was pretty nice.

But what confused me was that the home white and the road gray were two completely different looks. The home featured the cursive script and Chief Wahoo while the road was block lettering and plain “C” on the cap.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to either have the cream jersey be the primary home with the road gray? Looking at the four uniforms and their four corresponding caps really tells me that the Indians don’t know what their identity is.

It’s nice to pay homage to the past with the cream throwback, but if they were going to make a throwback primary road jersey, then they have to make cream the primary home. The blue jersey would be dropped and the script home whites would be the primary.

I am not a big fan of having the home and road gray uniforms look like complete opposites (like the Giants). I like it when both are mirror images of each other (like the A’s).

So as I look through the Indians’ current uniform set, I still wonder if the Indians know who they are. Because with these constant changes, I am not sure if they’ve settled on their identity yet.

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