My New Era cap collection and why I love collecting ugly looking caps

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As some of you know, I am a huge collector of caps — mainly MLB on-field New Era caps. Baseball is my favorite sport, so naturally caps are part of my collection.

Growing up, the A’s caps were the only ones I would buy because that was my favorite team. But as the years went by and I started to find more appreciation for the sport, I decided to collect caps from other teams.

But these caps weren’t just any ones that the other team wore. These caps all had to have a reason for purchase. Each cap has a story.

I am a big fan of uniform looks and fashion (as some of you know), so when I started getting caps from other teams, I knew that I had to get them for looks. But there also had to be a reason for the caps. I wasn’t going to wear a cap that didn’t have meaning to me.

So I started to look for throwback caps that I remember from my childhood. I would remember some very ugly designs and some very cool ones too. Like a purse for a woman, a cap to me is my way to make a statement on my fashion.

These caps all had some kind of connection to me. It could be my very first memory of watching that team in that cap, or it could be just what a certain player wore on a baseball card I owned. Each cap, past of present, had to stand out to me. Sometimes a cap I own would just be so different from the team’s other sets that I had to get it. Rarity is very key.

In fashion, what makes a look unique is the fact that no one else has it. So when it came to caps, I like to find caps that I have never seen worn in public by others. And for some of them, they were visually ugly caps. But because it’s so rare, ugly and unique, those were part of my collection.

I took a break from collecting caps a while back because it started to take a toll on my wallet. But looking back at my collection, I have a very unique handful of lids. Some of these may look familiar but some other ones would look like they don’t belong in the game of baseball.

But for me, each cap represents my love for the game, the love for my memories watching it and a statement of how some certain looks are so unique, I have to floss it.

So enjoy my cap collection and I am open to donations. What’s your favorite “rare” cap that you don’t see around often?

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