Why does the NBA think that adding “El” and “Los” to team names is good for Latin Nights?

These uniforms look terrible.

As part of the NBA’s attempt to get more international, they have been doing Latin Nights for the past several seasons. It’s a cool idea and I think it’s good for the league.

But one of the ways the NBA celebrates Latino heritage is to give the jerseys the players wear a Latin twist. And to do that, they decide that adding “EL” and “LOS” to the jerseys should be good enough.

(And as you can see, we have the Los Angeles Los Lakers — sounds stupid).

This isn’t my culture, so I can’t say from my personal experience how this affects me. But I can imagine that if the NBA did this with any other language, they’d probably screw it up big time.

Here are the list of teams participating in this confusing promotion:

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The new Miami Marlins Park fits well with the team’s new funky look

The new ballpark looks awesome.

The Miami Marlins held their fanfest over the weekend and that was a great chance for fans to see their new ballpark and to snap photos. I got a chance to look through a gallery of photos right here and I was very impressed.

Compared to other stadiums, this reminds me of a little bit of Minute Maid Park and Miller Park together. But for a newer ballpark, this one is nice. I don’t think it’s too crazy with gadgets and gimmicks (except for the shrine thing in center field) and overall, it’s a very comforting look.

Sure, the outfield walls could be a different color, but I think this is a stadium that matches the identity of the Marlins perfectly.

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