The new Miami Marlins Park fits well with the team’s new funky look

The new ballpark looks awesome.

The Miami Marlins held their fanfest over the weekend and that was a great chance for fans to see their new ballpark and to snap photos. I got a chance to look through a gallery of photos right here and I was very impressed.

Compared to other stadiums, this reminds me of a little bit of Minute Maid Park and Miller Park together. But for a newer ballpark, this one is nice. I don’t think it’s too crazy with gadgets and gimmicks (except for the shrine thing in center field) and overall, it’s a very comforting look.

Sure, the outfield walls could be a different color, but I think this is a stadium that matches the identity of the Marlins perfectly.

To me, the new Marlins uniforms present a fresh taste of Miami to the rest of America. It’s a piece of South Beach with a hint of Miami Vice that happens to be a baseball team.

That’s exactly what this new stadium feels to me. The colors are bright just like the identity of the city. With a roof, it gives off the impression that we’re in a very sunny place watching a ballgame.

Maybe the Marlins’ new approach is to attract the casual fan. And that’s what this new ballpark has done. With the “Move Like Jagger” logo and a fish tank in the backstop, I can’t really say this stadium doesn’t attract to the regular Joe. But all these little things aren’t gimmicks to me. Instead, they are what the Marlins are now.

I am sure that within several years a few changes will be made. Maybe the walls will be a different colors and some seats will be moved. But overall, looking at this ballpark, I can instantly identify it with the Marlins. And in that sense, the ballpark is a success already.

Mark this stadium down as a MUST for me to visit.

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