Is Nike too big for the little guy?

One problem about Nike taking over the NFL: the little guy gets squeezed out.

Nike officially takes over as the official jersey supplier for the NFL next season. This means all retail stores that carry NFL jerseys will now have to place their orders with Nike instead of Reebok. It can be a minor adjustment for the larger retail stores – most sports retail stores already do plenty of business with Nike (you kinda have to these days).

But for the smaller retail shops – the ones that pull in around $1,000,000 or less in sales per year – they might be out of luck. Nike is sending letters to these smaller stores telling them their stores “do not fit Nike’s overall development plans”. It’s not like these stores are new to the business, they carried NFL jerseys from Reebok.

This is no surprise to me, personally. My stores work with Nike and the jerseys are an annual issue. Nike’s minimums change every year…

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Kobe Bryant might still be concussed because now he thinks he’s Batman

Kobe is going to save Gotham City after the game.

Since his broken nose, concussion from the All-Star Game, Kobe Bryant has been wearing a protective mask during games. But according to Larry Brown Sports, Bryant has decided to go away from the clear mask and go for the Batman look. (He only wore it for one quarter for the game against Detroit before going back to his old mask.)

I had always thought that the masks had to be clear, but apparently it’s OK to have a black one. I am just afraid that if the league starts giving more leeway to these kinds of things, then these masks will start featuring company logos.

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That Warriors-Wizards game last night was visually unpleasant

These two uniforms look terrible.

Last night I watched the Warriors and Wizards go to battle on the court and I was instantly turned off when I saw both teams hit the floor. It wasn’t the style of play, but it was the uniforms both teams were wearing. In my opinion, these two teams feature two of the most poorly executed designs in the league.

Both these teams took classic uniforms (Warriors, Wizards) and decided to bring it back by giving it a modern touch. What they did instead was ruin a classic and branded themselves as a team without an identity.

What hurts me the most is that I am a Warriors fan but when I first saw these uniforms last year, I thought the team failed miserably in capitalizing on a potential classic. And when these new Wizards uniforms debuted, I thought the team was just trying to hard.

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