That Warriors-Wizards game last night was visually unpleasant

These two uniforms look terrible.

Last night I watched the Warriors and Wizards go to battle on the court and I was instantly turned off when I saw both teams hit the floor. It wasn’t the style of play, but it was the uniforms both teams were wearing. In my opinion, these two teams feature two of the most poorly executed designs in the league.

Both these teams took classic uniforms (Warriors, Wizards) and decided to bring it back by giving it a modern touch. What they did instead was ruin a classic and branded themselves as a team without an identity.

What hurts me the most is that I am a Warriors fan but when I first saw these uniforms last year, I thought the team failed miserably in capitalizing on a potential classic. And when these new Wizards uniforms debuted, I thought the team was just trying to hard.

Here are some reasons why I don’t like either uniforms.


  • I find it very odd that they would go with theĀ Copperplate Gothic font — one of the most basic fonts in Photoshop. It gives me no feeling about the team.
  • The circle on the chest is too much. Unlike the original, the crest is filled in with a color, reminding me of a very strange Iron Man look. Plus, it makes the jersey look heavy.
  • And strangely enough, the crest features an image of a bridge that has yet to be completed which forces the jersey number to be in a very small font.

In all honesty, it’s a great idea with poor execution. It really doesn’t WOW me in terms of aesthetics. It’s kind of boring.


  • The subtle Washington Monument surrounding the wordmark is nice, but I feel is a little tacky.
  • The contrasting colors worked really well for the original set. But somehow, this one just makes it too colorful and hard for me to read the numbers from a distance because it’s not on a solid background.
  • And lastly, they kept the old logo yet added an American feel to it. It’s a very confusing identity and it doesn’t look good on the court.

Like the Warriors, good idea, bad execution. Maybe if the lines were thinner and the number wasn’t on two color tones, it could work. But because most of the home white jersey isn’t even white, it doesn’t look good.


Most times I am very open to teams taking an old school approach to their uniforms. Teams like the Bucks and Sixers execute it very well. Neither uniform set is complicated. That’s what the Warriors and Wizards should have done. Last night’s game was just tough to watch.


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