A loophole in the ongoing San Jose battle that could help the Oakland Athletics?

Could this be in the near future now?

The Oakland A’s just released a statement about their quest to move to San Jose. The organization normally doesn’t release these kinds of press releases, but there might have been a major pressure on owner Lew Wolff to make something happen.

Below is the official press release with a very interesting note highlighted.

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Finally a Redskins Draft Day Hat I Would Wear

If this is what the Redskins draft day cap looks like, I can use my imagination to come up with what the 49ers one looks like.

The Son of Washington


I have to admit I was pretty excited when I received a text message from Kiel today showing me the 2012 Redskins Draft hat.

At first glance I was impressed considering I typically hate the draft hats.

Then I noticed that this is actually made by New Era (the official hat of Major League Baseball).

Back when Reebok’s exclusive deal with the NFL was coming to a close, New Era swept in looking for a way to supply the official lids of the NFL.

Apparently Jerry Jones got them in. For some reason that I don’t care enough about to actually research, the Cowboys have the right to sell whatever brand hats they want instead of sticking to the uniform hats like the rest of the league.

When Jerruh went to the league for approval on a new hat design by New Era the league liked what they saw enough…

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It’s going to be weird seeing Peyton Manning not in a Colts uniform

I can't imagine Peyton Manning wearing any other uniform.

On Wednesday, the Indianapolis Colts are expected to hold a press conference to announce that they are cutting ties with Peyton Manning. This will end Manning’s fantastic stint with the Colts and lead us to wonder what’s next for the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

For the Colts, this was the right move to make. With the first overall pick in the draft, they will draft Manning’s replacement in Andrew Luck. The team couldn’t financially hold on to Manning and hope to develop Luck. Manning’s health was just too much of a risk to take.

It’s going to be a sad moment for NFL fans all over the world, but it’s a moment that we’re familiar with.

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