How am I still a Warriors fan after another bummer of a trade?

Former teammates now switching spots.

Former teammates now switching spots.

How can I still be a Golden State Warriors fan?

Seriously, common sense tells me that I should have left that team years ago. But I still come back to this team. But why?

After their latest debacle of a trade in which they sent Monta Ellis, Kwame Brown and Ekpe Udoh to Milwaukee for Stephen Jackson and Andrew Bogut, I still wonder how in the world do I still cheer for this team. They just have not given me a reason to care.

Basketball was my first passion as a kid. It was the first sport I learned how to play and I could remember watching the Warriors on television. From my childhood hopes of shooting the rock like Chris Mullin and doing tomahawk jams like Latrell Sprewell, I enjoyed the game and what it brought.

But year after year, the team never improved. They would make bad deals left and right under bad coaches. It wasn’t until the “We Believe” year that the Warriors got the entire Bay Area excited. The basketball community in the Bay Area wanted to see the Warriors succeed and when they did, it was joy in Mudville.

The Warriors have become the son that can’t get anything right. You love that son so much, but you’re hoping that one day he would get his act right. Despite the bad contracts, you still hold out to see how it would turn out.

After this last trade, I could easily walk away from this team. But something just pulls me back. It could be because this team is my first love and I just don’t want to say goodbye. Or maybe I am still holding out hope that one day this team will get its act together and become an elite.

I know I am not the only one in the Bay Area that holds on to these false hopes. But like all the other people around me, I’m just a foolish fan that can’t turn away from our disappointing son.

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