Record numbers for NFL Network & NFL Digital for “Free Agency Frenzy”

NFL fans help set media/TV records on Tuesday when free agency began.

Thoughts on the sneak peek of Sean Smith’s new Nike NFL uniform

Sneak peek at the new Nike uniforms.

Miami Dolphins safety Sean Smith uploaded his photo on his Facebook page.

Nothing in this image surprises me. I thought the Nike logo would be a little smaller, but I think overall, it’s not a terribly large size. It might just be that the Dolphins logo is smaller.

The template of these Nike uniforms have been revealed in the past so the look of this photo doesn’t surprise me at all. The template, fabrics are all pretty much the same as the college ones. And for most teams, nothing serious is expected to happen to the uniforms.

But one thing is confirmed with this photo: the Dolphins are keeping their orange tops . I happen to like their orange tops and I am glad they are keeping it. Not bad at all.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Let’s some fun illogical logic to our tournament brackets! Duke never does well and I agree with that.
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Well, it’s that time again…  my favorite time of year has arrived.  The sound of shoes squeaking, crowds screaming, and hearts breaking will resonate for the next month.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you March Madness!  Which begs the questions, is the NCAA Basketball tournament the most exciting of all championships Pro or College?  I say yes…

Where else can you have Cinderella stories like VCU and Butler University?  College powerhouse teams such as Kansas and Louisville going home early to teams you’ve never heard of and couldn’t tell me what state they play in if I gave you 47 guesses.  Players who have flown under the radar only to break out, have a big showing in “The Dance”, earn a multi million dollar NBA contract… and never produce anything at the pro level.  Nobody does it like college basketball.

For the next month I will be watching teams…

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NFL free agency is like the first day of school for me

Joshua Morgan was one of the best players to interview on the 49ers.

When I decided to become a sports writer as my profession, I knew that one of the things I had to do was not get too attached to the people I was covering. In order to maintain an unbiased approach, I couldn’t try to gain any kind favoritism or fanfare with certain people. I had to keep my distance.

But even if I did keep my distance, I still tended to have favorites. I enjoyed interviews with certain players and made an extra effort to interact with certain people. Certain players  give great quotes and I preferred those people.

This past season was the first time I had a free schedule to cover the San Francisco 49ers on a full-time basis. I had a chance to go to every practice and attend every home game. Through that, I had an opportunity to talk with almost every player on the roster. I ended up having favorites.

Every player on the roster that I talked with and covered have all been professional with me. In fact, I can’t pick out one bad player I’ve  interviewed. Every one of them was good to me.

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