What’s next for the 49ers and Alex Smith with Peyton Manning now in the mix?

How will this drama end?

With the contract talks between the San Francisco 49ers and Alex Smith stuck in neutral, the 49ers reached out to free agent quarterback Peyton Manning. Depsite assurance from head coach Jim Harbaugh that the team was going to stick with Smith, the 49ers are now entertaining the idea of signing Manning.

Tennessee and Denver are the two teams that remain the favorites to sign the four-time MVP but the 49ers’ situation has to be more appealing to Manning. On paper, the 49ers might not have the kind of money to make it happen despite the insistence of former 49er Steve Young.

It’s being reported that Manning wants his contract numbers to be similar to what he had in Indianapolis, meaning that a five-year, $90 million contract that Denver is willing to offer is a jumping point to negotiations. The cap space, according to Matt Maiocco, figures that the Broncos have the most money to work with. Denver has $43.9 million, Tennessee has $26.3 million while the 49ers are working with $18 million.

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