The greatest sporting event I ever attended as a fan

When the Golden State Warriors completed their trade of Monta Ellis to the Milwaukee Bucks, it brought back memories of the good times he had with team. When Stephen Jackson was shipped to San Antonio, the memories of his time with the Warriors flooded my memories.

It brought me back to the “We Believe” season and how magical that was. For me, it was the best time to be a Warriors fan. And in my opinion, Game 3 against the Mavericks was the greatest sporting event I ever attended as a fan.

I am prefacing this as the greatest sporting experience I attended “as a fan” because I didn’t want to include the epic playoff game between the San Francisco 49ers and Saints from January. I was at the game but I was there working. I didn’t watch the game as a fan.

Basketball was the first sport I ever learned how to play as a kid. Naturally, the NBA was my first love and I foolishly followed the Warriors. Joe Smith was their top pick but it was Chris Mullin that made me into a fan.

Since then, I kept believing that the Warriors would get themselves into a rhythm and make the playoffs. Instead, it was disappointments every year.

So when the “We Believe” season came, there was hope. And for me, it was almost 13 years of anger and frustration released. I was going to witness a playoff team.

I remember lining up the morning the playoff tickets were to go on sale. I got there at around 6AM and stood in the cold windy morning. When I finally got to the box office, I literally bought the last tickets available. The people behind me got nothing.

I bought tickets to Games 3 and 4. Game 3 was the first home game. The atmosphere was electric. I didn’t even think I sat down the entire game. The “We Believe” shirts were everywhere. The Warriors dominated.

It was so enjoyable because I went with friends and for all of us big basketball fans, it was a complete joy to witness. We bought second deck seats but found empty ones to move to at halftime. We watched the rest of the game in the first section and as you can see by the video, it was pretty sweet.

The David vs. Goliath storyline, the years of frustration and the return of my first love made Game 3 against the Mavericks the best sporting event I ever attended as a fan.

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