Celebrating a fantastic career for Chipper Jones

Chipper Jones announced today that he was going to retire after the 2012 season. This was no surprise to me as I anticipated Jones’ retirement a couple years ago. But Jones stuck it through hoping that the Braves could make one more splash int the playoffs and hopefully win a World Series.

I didn’t grow up a Braves fan but Jones was making waves when I first watched baseball. Throughout all the years, he has been consistent and fun to watch. Also, he stayed with one team his entire career. That’s rare in baseball and Jones is a gem.

I’m going to enjoy the last moments I get to see Jones on the field. Maybe I’ll go to a Giants game when the Braves are in town just to see Jones play.

If Bob Uecker gets a statue, I think Bill King should get one too

Legendary broadcaster Bob Uecker is going to be honored this season with a statue outside Miller Park. It is a well-deserved honor for an amazing talent.

It got me thinking about the Bay Area and what broadcaster deserves such an award. The only one that I feel is worthy of it is Bill King. He was the voice of Bay Area sports, covering the Warriors, Raiders and A’s.

For me, he was the voice of the A’s and his description of plays on air was unmatched. Even before my time, if you look back at all the great Raiders clips from the 1970s, you can hear King’s great voice calling plays like the “Holly Roller” and “Sea of Hands”.

A statue of King should be placed right in between Oracle Arena and the Oakland Coliseum. I may be biased, but I think it would be perfect. HOLY TOLEDO!

Bill King deserves a statue.